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Who Killed the Red Baron: The Final Answer by P. J Carisella

By P. J Carisella

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Lothar tried to reach the safety of the runway at Fuhlsbuttel Airfield near Hamburg, but the aircraft quickly lost altitude and slammed into a tree. Lothar was fatally injured and died en route to a hospital. There was also a third son, Karl Bolko, who was born in He was never old enough to serve in the war. He lives today and is a successful businessman in West Germany. There was one daughter. Use, who served as a nurse during the war. Death took her in 1962. Manfred was small as a child but developed a healthy constitution through constant exercise and participation in sports.

VII. VII, his enthusiasm for that machine was immeasurable and he had ordered them for his own Jasta. They appeared over the Front the same month he died. VII reigned as Germany's greatest fighter plane. Eighty percent of Germany's front-line squadrons were flying the craft by July. Some three thousand of them saw service in the last months of the conflict. The famed bus was a biplane of cantilever wing design. It or Mercedes engine was powered by a 200 horsepower and capable of reaching a top speed of 130 mph.

His mother, the Baroness Kunigunde von Richthofen, outwardly did not appreciate the trophies collected by her excited son. She began to scold young Manfred, but the grandmother hushed her: "He has confessed his deed Hke a man. And like a man, he has killed his prey. " The Baroness, although a bit perturbed, secretly was proud of her oldest boy. For years she treasured a cluster of duck feathers affixed to a section of brown pasteboard by crimson sealing wax. The feathers, she proudly told all those who visited the Richthofen home in Schweidnitz, were relics of Manfred's first kill.

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