Victim (BFI Film Classics) by John Coldstream

By John Coldstream

From Amazon: "Victim (1961) was once a landmark movie, not just for Dirk Bogarde in taking up the position of the title’s sufferer - the gay barrister who takes at the blackmailers who prey on homosexual males - but in addition within the own lives of many that went to determine the movie. Its message concerning the desire for society to take away, via decriminalization, a method of persecuting a particular minority was once one with which Bogarde pointed out totally, yet may possibly, for noticeable purposes, champion in simple terms via a piece of fiction. James Mason and Jack Hawkins had grew to become down the function; Bogarde, with extra to lose than both of them, seized it with savor. released to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the film’s unencumber, John Coldstream’s insightful examine addresses the film’s significance within the crusade to decriminalize homosexuality; the contribution of its stars Dirk Bogarde and Sylvia Syms to its emotional influence; and the danger Bogarde took in taking up the valuable role."

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