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The Violin Maker: A Search for the Secrets of Craftsmanship, by John Marchese

By John Marchese

How does an easy piece of wooden develop into a violin, the king of tools? Watch and discover as Eugene Drucker, a member of the world–renowned Emerson String Quartet, commissions Sam Zygmuntowicz, a Brooklyn craftsman, to make him a brand new violin. As he tells this striking tale, journalist John Marchese stocks the wealthy lore of this loved tool and illuminates an artwork that has slightly replaced because the Renaissance.Marchese takes readers from begin to end as Zygmuntowicz builds the violin, from the 1st collection of the wooden, to the slicing of the again and abdominal, throughout the carving of the scroll and the fingerboard, to the location of the sound peg. although a lot of the tale occurs within the craftsman's museum–like Brooklyn workshop, there are aspect journeys around the river to the practice session rooms of Carnegie corridor and Lincoln heart, and the world over. Stops at the itinerary contain Cremona, Italy, the mystical urban the place Antonio Stradivari (and some of his contemporaries) completed a degree of violin–making perfection that has persevered for hundreds of years, in addition to issues in France and Germany quintessential to the background of the violin.A attractive paintings of narrative nonfiction that's additionally a finely crafted, loving homage to the software that the majority heavily approximates the human voice.

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