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The Ethical Dimension of Financial Institutions and Markets by Antonio Argandoña (auth.), Professor Dr. Antonio Argandoña

By Antonio Argandoña (auth.), Professor Dr. Antonio Argandoña (eds.)

Discussing ethics utilized to finance can develop into a trivial and selfjustifying activity if left to the sensible males, or a role without connection to truth, if played via philosophers. This ebook, despite the fact that, seems to be a thrilling piece of labor, beneficial, provocative, packed with principles and proposals, as specialists in ethics talk about particular concerns on the topic of the monetary associations and markets, with the boys and girls that perform the day-by-day perform in such associations and markets, in addition to with students of economics and finance. therefore, the booklet covers every thing from day-by-day topics to problems with a deeper nature, utilizing an easy and transparent language with sturdy foundations in economics and ethics, from a inevitably plural and open perspective.

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Getting the regulation right" is ,not, then, a question of regulators' good intentions, but of thorough professional know-how. 3. The Evolution of Regulation Following an inveterate interventionist tradition, the financial sector has always been particularly subject to extensive regulation in Spain, even at the times of greatest "liberalisation". The historical inadequacy of our financial system in terms of market laws was precisely due to excessive political protection against foreign competition (regarded as "excessive competition"), aided and abetted by regulations that were economically and ethically unsuitable.

In other words, ethical or economic considerations are a "viewpoint" from which a matter, an action or a situation are regarded, inasmuch as they depend on a free decision. According to widely-held opinion, the object of ethics is to procure respect for fundamental human values in any decision that is taken, and in whatever may depend on this decision, in order to make it easier to reach human good. The object of the economy is to procure efficiency in the decisions on how to allocate scant resources between alternative ends, in a context of voluntary exchange.

Forms of Regulation on the Financial Markets 1. Rules of Behaviour 2. Supervision and Regulation 3. Self-regulation VI. Regulation and Risks VII. ) The approach we will be following tries to understand the relationship between ethics and regulation, an understanding that is, in principle, easier * The authors would like to thank J. L. MALO DE MOLINA (Bank of Spain) and the others attending the Seminar on "The Ethical Dimension of Financial Institutions and Markets" (Madrid, 15-17 June 1994). for their very helpful comments, the chairman of the seminar.

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