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That’s What I Have: That’s Who I Am! by Grady Brown

By Grady Brown

That is what I Have...That's Who i'm! is an inspirational exposition of a component to Paul's epistle to the Romans - the final half bankruptcy seven and all of bankruptcy 8. It examines the difficult plight of the person that attempts to be righteous via one's personal efforts. Then it demonstrates how God has made the availability for us to stroll in His methods throughout the allowing of the Holy Spirit. we're declared to be God's sons with the entire attendant strength and privileges of sonship. This publication is an in-depth examine of WHAT we now have and WHO we're as God's sons

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Matthew’s account places great emphasis on the fact that this event was the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy, particularly Zechariah 9:9, which he quotes (blending it with a salutation from Isaiah 62:11). The prophecy itself holds the key to understanding what Jesus was really doing that day.  We could refer to dozens of passages from Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Hosea as examples of this repeated message from God to His chosen ______________________________________________________ — 32 — CHAPTER ONE people, but perhaps this message was proclaimed most graphically by the prophet Ezekiel.

His Olivet Discourse later that week would be in perfect keeping with this dramatic demonstration against the religious establishment. Second, we note that immediately following the cleansing of the Temple courts, Jesus healed the blind and the lame who came to Him there. ” ______________________________________________________ — 42 — CHAPTER ONE This was a display of the nature of the Messianic Kingdom He had come to inaugurate, not the establishment of the rich and powerful— which was what the Jews thought the Messianic Age would be about—but rather the elevation of the lowliest strata of society to favor with God.

The fifth—“to confirm the prophetic vision”—speaks of the fulfillment of all the promises of God in Jesus Christ. The sixth—“to consecrate the holy of holies”—speaks of the anointing of a new sanctuary, the new Temple of God made up of the living stones of New Testament believers.  The total span of time of the prophecy—seventy “sevens” or ______________________________________________________ — 49 — THAT ALL MAY BE FULFILLED weeks of years, that is, 490 years—takes us to and through the period of the culmination of the redemptive plan of the ages, the ministry of Jesus Christ and the opening period of the Christian Church.

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