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Telling Our Selves: Ethnicity and Discourse in Southwestern by Chase Hensel

By Chase Hensel

During this booklet, Chase Hensel examines how Yup'ik Eskimos and non-natives build and keep gender and ethnic identities via strategic discuss searching, fishing, and processing. even supposing ethnicity is brazenly developed by way of either/or different types, the discourse of Bethel citizens means that their genuine challenge is much less with even if one is local or non-native, than with how local one is in a given context. within the interweaving of subsistence practices and subsistence discourse, ethnicity is consistently recreated.

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We sit, or eventually lie, on the ice. For this sort of fishing you hold a small stick one and one half to two feet long in one hand and jerk up on it every few seconds. Tied to the end of the stick is enough twine to reach through the ice. At the bottom is a large and somewhat heavy lure, which may or may not be baited. Pike eyeballs work well. We jig steadily, looking out at the huge flat expanse of river, at the distant rise of tundra, and the blue sky. Every once in a great while one of us gets a bite, or a fish.

Alternatively, the tundra dwellers migrated to the Kuskokwim River to intercept migrating salmon in the summer. They intercepted pike before the whitefish in the spring, and after them in the fall, and depended on blackfish stocks for the winter. Late spring and summer were generally Ethnographic Background and Post-Contact History of the Area 43 seasons of plenty, though continued bad weather and low hunting/fishing success could cause spring famines. 9 Kassiglurmiut Seasonal Round April Move to coastal spring/summer camp hunting: ptarmigan, seals, later geese, sea ducks fishing: tomcod, sculpin gathering: cranberries, crowberries (from previous summer) May hunting: fishing: gathering: seals, walrus, beluga whale, ducks and geese, sea ducks herring cranberries, crowberries, clams, mussels, grass for braiding, herring, herring spawn on fucus June hunting: fishing: gathering: seals, sea lions, beluga whales capelin, king salmon, red salmon beach greens, fireweed shoots, wild celery, wild parsley, wild parsnip, willow leaves July hunting: fishing: seals, sea lions, beluga whales smelt, red salmon, chum salmon, halibut, sculpin, starry flounder as in June, plus sourdock, mountain sorrel, saxifrages, yarrow gathering: Option i: August, September Aug.

The Role of Women in Traditional Yup'ik Society Yup'ik women were rewarded for, and gained prestige from, their skills as seamstresses and for hardworking perseverance, fecundity, and beauty. Compared with men, their roles were much more home- and family-focused. Their roles were publicly marked in ceremonies through the foods, clothes, and other things they created. Typical female subsistence activities included jigging, setting and checking nearby nets, snaring, and in some cases hunting small game such as rabbits and ptarmigan, and gathering large quantities of edible greens and berries.

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