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Britain and local Cooperation in South-East Asia, 1945-49 strains the try through the British overseas workplace to set up a world neighborhood business enterprise in South-East Asia which might permit Britain to dominate the zone politically, economically and militarily. Tilman Remme explores the altering emphasis of Britain's local regulations and places the problems affecting South-East Asia within the post-War interval right into a large context.

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The systematic exclusion of the technical disciplines from the respectability of science and educated society frustrated Karmarsch, and in the long years of his directorship he spent much of his time trying to overcome it. In 1856, on the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Hanover 85 Schnabel, Anfdnge, 17. 86 H. , 1964); Karl Karmarsch, Erinnerungen aus meinem Leben (Hanover: Helwing, 1879), 4. 87 Redtenbacher, Skizze, 22. 88 Karmarsch, Erinnerungen, 1-22. , 29. , 30. 39 40 Emulation: Bildung and the bureaucratic order Technical School, Karmarsch sketched the distance his discipline had traveled since 1830.

37 When he formulated this program, Humboldt had been motivated by noble intentions. The neohumanist educational views he championed had themselves originated as a constructive reaction against the tendency of eighteenth-century enlightened absolutism to restrict the function of education to practical utility, and against French cultural and scientific influences. But their victory resulted in a one-dimensional emphasis on the formal aspects of Bildung, in a prejudice against practical knowledge, and hence, despite perfunctory assurances to the contrary, in neglect of occupational and industrial education.

This change in educational goals had the effect of blocking practice-oriented natural science and modern education as avenues of social mobility. 35 The new constellation expressed itself in a rejection of the attempt to combine the teaching of practically useful knowledge with general cultivation or moral education in nonclassical secondary schools. "36 In his Lithuanian school plan, Humboldt had explained why. All schools that served the "entire nation, or, in its place, the state, must only aim at general human cultivation.

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