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Psychosomatic Medicine: Past and Future by Peter Novak (auth.), George N. Christodoulou (eds.)

By Peter Novak (auth.), George N. Christodoulou (eds.)

This publication includes chosen contributions to the sixteenth ecu convention on Psychosomatic study, held in Athens from September 6 to eleven, 1986. The ~t of psychosomatic drugs used to be one of many easy issues of the assembly. We idea that, due to the fact that this subject has a slightly of historical past in it, it might be applicable for a convention held in Greece. it truly is awesome how complex the psychosomatic conceptions of the traditional Greek philosophers and physicians have been. It was once the elemental psychosomatic ideology that Socrates was once expressing while he taught: "S"lOTT!::P O

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Ingvar, Patterns of activation in the gray matter of the dominant hemisphere during memorizing and reasoning, Brain 96: 737-756 (1973). K. R. Popper, J. C. Eccles, "The self and its brain", Springer, Berlin-Heidelberg-London-Ne1rl York (1977). G. Ryle, "The concept of mind", Hutchinson, London (1949). C. G. Hempel, "The logical analysis of psychology", p. 373-384 , in: "Readings in philosophical analysis", H. Feigl, \'T. Sellors, oos, Appleton-Century-Crofts, Ne1rl York (1949). B. F. Skinner, "Science and human behaviour" ,llacI-lillan Neiv York (1953) • 8.

Although Descartes claimed to be an interactionist - his doctrine leads logically (as it did historically) to what we call parallelism. It postulates two different, parallel (and therefore non-intersecting) planes of Being. Host of the followers of Descartes were "psychophysical parallelists". They tried very hard to solve the problems presented by this division of substances. ) found a rather abstruse theological solution. God is the intermediary link that connects mind and body. Every time I want to move my arm, God intervenes and makes my arm move.

Moxis can be considered as a pioneer in psychosomatics. He was a physician and mystic philosopher, originating from Thrace, who flourished in the IX cent. C. Zalmoxis created a school which continued maintaining his own principles and concepts through several centuries thereafter. ) and was taught by him the psychosomatic principles relayed by Plato in "Harmides". C. the Physical Philosophers are flourishing. C. Thales, who had been the first to be honoured according to Sc)Uidas with the title of "Sophos" (wise man), is hot only known for his knowledge of Astronomy, Geometry and Physiology.

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