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How it works book of incredible history by Sanne de Boer (ed.)

By Sanne de Boer (ed.)

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Sparte : geographie, mythes et histoire

Description : Tout ce que vous avez voulu savoir sur l'histoire de Sparte, de los angeles fondation de los angeles cité à sa soumission aux Romains, est rassemblé dans cet ouvrage très complet avec les récits épiques de cette période

La Trobe : the making of a governor

Charles Joseph l. a. Trobe used to be Superintendent of the Port Phillip District of latest South Wales and Victoria's first Lieutenant-Governor (1851–54). His management, which coincided with the turbulent demanding situations of the Victorian gold rushes, used to be hugely debatable. He departed from place of work a disillusioned guy whose contribution to the improvement of the colony used to be no longer instantly acknowledged.

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Cardiff Castle’s real medieval history was far more bloody than romantic. A vital stronghold, it was used as a prison (and execution site) for high-profile traitors such as William the Conqueror’s mutinous son Robert Curthose in 1106 and Welsh rebel lord Llywelyn Bren in 1317. ’ They launched a revolt of their own to cut him down to size and sacked his home at Cardiff Castle. The Despenser War of 1321 to 1322 was crushed by the crown, but the days of Edward II and his flunky’s rule were numbered.

Sagrada Família S Why is Spain’s most iconic church still not finished after 130 years? The statistics… Sagrada Família Length: 90m Height: 170m Area: 4,500m2 Spires: 18 Seats: 8,000 Visitors: 2 million per year Construction ahead The road toward completion of the Sagrada Família has been long and arduous – and there is still some way to go… 050 1882 1883 1894 1926 Work begins under the architect Francisco de Paula del Villar y Lozano. It is originally designed as a Gothic revival church. Gaudí takes over after the original architect disagrees with the project promoter and resigns.

However, they are still commonly used by civilians to fish, commute, trade and travel, as well as by tourists who board them on sightseeing tours. DID YOU KNOW? Chinese junks developed in the Han Dynasty of 206 BCE-220 AD Sail Head to Head Unlike traditional square-rigged ships, junk sails could be moved inward, allowing it to easily sail into the wind. The sails were also supported by a series of battens (solid strips of wood), improving the resistance to tears. TRADING VESSEL EVOLUTION © Bernard Gagnon LARGE EA N © WIB Junk LARGER © Tomasz Sienicki Rudders Junks used stern-mounted rudders that could be adjusted according to water depth.

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