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Future Satellite Gravimetry and Earth Dynamics by Jakob Flury, Reiner Rummel

By Jakob Flury, Reiner Rummel

New and extra exact ideas for satellite tv for pc gravimetry may be to be had quickly, with promising functions in Earth sciences. With this distinct factor the authors are looking to stimulate dialogue between Earth scientists on targets and personal tastes for destiny satellite tv for pc gravimetry missions. this can be an urgently wanted dialogue. Visions for follow-on missions need to be constructed this present day, in the event that they are to be discovered inside 10 years, given the necessary education time of such satellite tv for pc missions.

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The default model for the GIA contribution has an earth model with a lithospheric thickness of 120 km and upper and lower mantle viscosities of 1021 and 1022 Pa s, respectively, while the radial elastic and constitutional parametrization is based on the Preliminary Reference Earth Model (PREM) by Dziewonski and Anderson (1981) and the Late-Pleistocene icedecay model is based on ICE-3G by Tushingham and Peltier (1991). From this top panel of Figure 1 it can be derived that GRACE is expected to be able to discern GIA and (maximum) present-day Antarctic and Greenland ice-cap variations up to about harmonic degree 40.

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