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Dementia Care: A Practical Photographic Guide by James Grealy, Helen McMullen, Julia Grealy(auth.)

By James Grealy, Helen McMullen, Julia Grealy(auth.)

Dementia care: a pragmatic photographic guide is a distinct illustrated advisor to taking good care of individuals with dementia in care houses. It provides sensible prevention and administration innovations for resistance to care in universal actions of day-by-day residing, explores cognitive loss, actual loss and sensory loss in dementia, and examines technique of bettering communique with people with dementia to reinforce their knowing in their setting and increase their compliance in care.Content:
Chapter 1 the individual (pages 3–47):
Chapter 2 The Care employees (pages 51–64):
Chapter three the surroundings (pages 67–95):
Chapter four The interplay (pages 99–144):

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It is generally easier for a person to reach items centred directly in front of them. 1 The Person DCA-C01 DCA-C01 6/27/05 8 3:37 PM n Page 8 The Person 1 The Person Ageing and movement Secondary to the ageing process, there is often injury and/or chronic disease. n n n n n Presence of pain Depression Decreased muscle strength Soft tissue/bone injury and degeneration Sensory changes in hearing, sight, touch and taste The presence of any one or more of these factors in association with any physical, cognitive or sensory change can impair function.

Aim To induce relaxation. Procedure Preferably perform in a quiet environment. Place the person in a prone or sidelying (coma) position, although it can be performed in a sitting position as illustrated. The care staff’s hand firmly strokes the person’s back alongside the spine, from the base of neck to below the hips in a slow rhythmic manner. Stroke up and down in rhythmic movement from just below the hips to the nape of the neck. Most effective in a quieter environment. Relaxation will be shown by slowed breathing, less muscle tension and less talking.

Aim To elicit a grasping reflex. Procedure The grasp reflex is achieved by stimulating the interior aspect of the forearm with cotton wool, tissue or similar soft material. (1) Stimulation of the inside of the arm with tissue or cotton wool. (2) Gently stroke the inside of the arm. (3) The stimulation leads to the closing of the hand curling into a fist. 3 Key Learning: Stroking should be very light, like butterfly wings touching the skin. 1 The Person DCA-C01 DCA-C01 6/27/05 3:37 PM 30 n Page 30 The Person 1 The Person The hand: releasing the grasp reflex/grip (A) Description Releasing the grasp reflex is where the hand uncurls from a fist to an open hand.

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