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Crown of Renewal (Paladin's Legacy, Book 5) by Elizabeth Moon

By Elizabeth Moon

Acclaimed writer Elizabeth Moon spins gripping, richly imagined epic delusion novels that experience earned comparisons to the paintings of such authors as Robin Hobb and Lois McMaster Bujold. during this quantity, Moon's fabulous masterwork reaches its effective conclusion.

The mysterious reappearance of magery in the course of the land has been met with suspicion, worry, and violence. within the nation of Lyonya, Kieri, the half-elven, half-human king, struggles to stability the competing calls for of his historical past whereas combating a dangerous risk to his rule: evil elves associated in a roundabout way to the rebirth of magic.

Meanwhile, within the neighboring nation of Tsaia, a collection of old artifacts recovered by way of the previous mercenary Dorrin Verrakai may possibly carry the reply to the riddle of magery's go back. therefore Dorrin embarks on a deadly quest to come those relics of a bygone age to their all-but-mythical native land. What she encounters there'll swap her in incredible ways—and spell doom or salvation for the whole global.

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