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Crown of Crystal Flame (Tairen Soul) by C. L. Wilson

By C. L. Wilson

“[Wilson] will dazzle readers.”

Chicago Tribune


First time in print! The incomparable USA this present day and New York occasions bestseller C.L. Wilson maintains her extraordinary Tairen Soul sequence with Crown of Crystal Flame, an epic romantic experience that mixes sweeping delusion with breathtaking paranormal romance. well known writer Christine Feehan is an enthusiastic fan of Wilson’s great saga, and somebody who adores the darkish, epic delusion of Terry Goodkind can be captivated by means of the additional adventures of the woodcutter’s daughter Ellysetta and her lover, the Fey King Rain, as they organize for the last word conflict to avoid wasting their international, the magical Fading Lands, from the all devouring Darkness.

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The air around him grew heavy, warm and sweet and intoxicating. ” “Look at his hands. ” Smaller, feminine palms brushed perfumed skin in a simulated caress. Breasts rubbed against his arm. Moist lips skimmed across his neck, his jaw, his ears. ” Nimble fingers darted under his robes and reached for the fastenings of the silk trousers he wore beneath. In his old body, Vadim had been mostly immune to the seductive enchantments of Feraz witch women, but the lust surging through his new, youthful body as the witches worked their wiles made it clear that was no longer the case.

Dorian was the descendant of Marikah vol Serranis of the Fey, Gaelen vel Serranis’s twin. ” “Setah,” Rain rumbled. ” His hands slashed through the air with curt command. “What is done cannot be undone. Will you allow hubris to keep us at each other’s throats, or can we agree mistakes were made on both sides and move on? ” Dorian’s brows rose. “Is it hubris to want to know how far I can trust an ally? ” Rain snapped. “You can trust us to stand against our common enemy and give no quarter. To die by your side.

Can that not be enough? ” Ill-humored and grudging though it was, that was the sound of capitulation. Rain closed his eyes for a brief moment and drew another long, deep breath of the icy northern air. His nerves felt as if he’d just spent a full day being scoured and pummeled by the Spirit masters of the Warrior’s Academy. His head hurt, and every muscle in his body was clenched tight with the effort he’d expended to keep his dangerous temper and wayward thoughts in check. ” Dorian put his hands on the cold stone and leaned over one of the deep crenels as he gazed northward into Eld.

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