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Crave The Moon by Lori Handeland

By Lori Handeland

Gina O’Neill will do whatever to carry directly to her cherished ranch that has been in her relatives for generations. Enter Mateo Mecate, an archeologist whose maximum want is to dig there. ready to despise Matt—and to thwart his agenda—Gina can't deny the stunning wish she feels for him.Matt believes that the Nahua Springs Ranch holds a big key to Aztec history—one that may repair his status within the archeological neighborhood. yet he by no means expects to move head-to-head with the maddeningly sensuous proprietor, Gina. The ranch turns out to have forged a spell on them both…When Gina and Matt delve into the secrets and techniques of this historic position, they wake up whatever unspeakably evil—a shapeshifter who's centuries outdated. A werewolf with vengeance on its brain. A sorcerer of incredible power. Can Gina and Matt defeat this enemy—even as their conflicts deepen…and their charm grows extra risky?

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Spike stuck his head over the half door of his stall and blew air between his lips. Gina set her hand on his neck and stroked absently. “There’s a spring that runs through the ranch. ” Matt’s neck prickled, but he managed, he hoped, not to show how her words excited him. Where there was smoke, or Aztec words, there was most likely fire—or a really informative local legend. ” he asked. ” Matt tried to sound clueless—he wanted to hear the story she knew, not influence her tale with what he did—and he must have succeeded, because her brow scrunched and she looked him up and down.

Put on her boots and she was pushing six foot. Here, in the land of itty-bitty women, Gina was a giantess. She didn’t need anything else to make her feel like a freak. Being labeled an orphan had long been good enough. Her gaze was caught by a single white envelope on the hall table. Dr. Mecate again. She cursed beneath her breath, snatched up the letter, and tore it in half, then in half again. For good measure, she crumpled the parts into a teeny-tiny ball and tossed them into the trash. The stranger cleared his throat.

Who talked like that? ” Jase waved the envelope back and forth, his wide, high-cheekboned face softened by the chip in his front tooth that he’d gotten when he was bucked from a horse at the age of eight. His face, combined with his compact but well-honed body, made him look like a marauding Ute warrior, which was exactly what he would have been if born in a previous century. ” Gina snatched the envelope from his hand. ” In the same way she’d taken care of all the others. Direct deposit into the trash can.

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