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Courting Midnight (The Upyr Series, Book 5) (Berkley by Emma Holly

By Emma Holly

The world's oldest dwelling vampire assumes a mortal identity--and studies a blazing ardour for a lady that brings his drained center again to existence.

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Hold her hand. And there had been something else as well, something both better and worse that slipped provokingly out of reach each time she tried to draw it near. Her intervening sleep must have confused her recall. Letting a stranger touch her naked hand was assuredly the limit of what she would allow. Vaguely unsatisfied with this logic, Theo gazed into her teacup. ” She pushed the cup away so sharply it rattled 46 Emma Holly in its saucer. Caroline looked up but did not ask what the matter was.

She thought the entire room must hear her temper snap. She could not choose at whom to be angriest: Lily for being a privileged merchant princess, the stranger for playing her the fool, or herself for believing—even briefly—that she might deserve to be admired again. Lily greeted the Beckets with a noncommittal nod. Apparently, if she did secretly long to be friends, she was not going to betray this in front of anyone she wished to impress. Theo hoped she hid her own feelings half so well as she watched the beautiful Miss Morris turn to Mr.

Just barely, she managed to close her mouth. ” he asked politely. ” she squeaked as another wash of warmth swept her tingling limbs. “It strikes me that a young woman alone in a garden might be in need of someone to talk to. ” His eyes were gentle now, his teasing gone. His look seemed to promise he would understand whatever she might say. She could not doubt he meant this assurance . . at least, she did not think she could. “You might come in for a bit,” she offered with a dreamlike sense of being both under a compulsion and completely free.

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