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Court Painting in England from Tudor to Victorian Times by William Gaunt

By William Gaunt

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Flourish No subject for a portrait painter, but rather for a dramatist writing in the vein of John Webster's The Revenger Tragedy, was the story of failure to produce a Anne Boleyn' s fate after male heir— the macabre trial s her with its charges of lust, incest with her brother and adultery with others, at which her own father and uncle judgement, followed accused on in sat in 1536 by her execution with others Tower Green. A drawing of her red chalk by Holbein, that came in black and into the possession of the Earls of Bradford, bears the inscription, anna bullen DECOLLATA FUIT LONDINI 1 9 MAY 1 536.

Secure as the Tudors might seem, they were nervously aware of the never quite exorcized threat of revolt or usurpation. That he assumed the arms of his ancestor 28 Edward the Confessor, in addition to his own, The distorted perspective of this panel- portrait of Edward VI by William Scrots intrigues viewers still Tudor Court Portrait of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, attributed to William Scrots made painters after Holbein Crown, and year of Henry VI IPs possible the charge of pretension to the decreed his execution in the last reign.

Fresh in contrast with the darkly toned canvases of immigrant practitioners of oil-painting, the art of the miniature like a was burst of lyric song, a parallel with the 'flourishes and fragrant flowers' of Elizabethan verse. Above : Nicholas Though he is particulars of Hilliard's life the one artist of his time of whom an individual impression. He is are fragmentary, it is possible to gain to be seen in the self- portrait of 1577, at the age of thirty, with a look of lively intelligence, a neatly trimmed and pointed beard and a spruceness of dress that seems to proclaim his distance from the craftsmen whose more laborious media called for rough working-clothes.

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