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Cosmochemistry: The Melting Pot of the Elements by C. Esteban, R. J. García López, A. Herrero, F. Sánchez

By C. Esteban, R. J. García López, A. Herrero, F. Sánchez

A well timed assessment of advancements in cosmochemistry over the past decade.

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The bad news is that the spectra of H I and D I are identical, except for the wavelength/velocity shift in their spectral lines. As a result, the true D-abundance may differ from that inferred from the observations if some of the presumed D I is actually an H I interloper masquerading as D I: (D/H)TRUE ≤ (D/H)OBS . Because of these opposing effects, the connection between (D/H)OBS and (D/H)P is not predetermined; the data themselves which must tell us Gary Steigman: Primordial Alchemy 19 Figure 9.

It was noted that to reconcile D, and 4 He would require a slower than standard expansion rate, difficult to reconcile with simple particle physics extensions beyond the standard model. Furthermore, if this should be the resolution of the tension between D and 4 He, it would exacerbate that between the predicted and observed lithium abundances. The three abundances could be reconciled in a further extension involving neutrino degeneracy (an asymmetry between electron neutrinos and their antiparticles).

2001; Netterfield et al. 2002; Halverson et al. 2002), many groups have inferred the intermediate age universe baryon density. The work of our group at OSU (Kneller et al. 8 2 Figure 11. The 68% (solid) and 95% (dotted) contours in the ΩΛ – ΩM plane consistent with the SNIa data (see the text). Geometrically flat models lie along the line labelled k = 0. 002. 4. , Steigman, Hata & Felten 1999, Steigman, Walker & Zentner 2000; Steigman 2001). The magnituderedshift relation determined by observations of type Ia supernovae (SNIa) constrain the relation between the present matter density (ΩM ) and that in a cosmological constant (ΩΛ ).

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