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Corruptive Patterns of Patronage in South East Europe by Plamen K. Georgiev

By Plamen K. Georgiev

The transformation of jap Europe has challenged the features of patron-client family members either of their context and which means. the previous patrimonial frameworks and styles have tired whereas international strength and extending disparities weigh down conventional structures of patronage. Plamen ok. Georgiev discusses the debatable problems with endemic corruption, nation catch, institutional fraud, and networks of prepared crime in South East Europe and in a much broader international context. He strains again varieties of patronage and patron-client kinfolk in the course of the a long time as much as modernity. the writer seriously reviews on shifts of loyalties, friendship, nepotism in addition to on deficits of constitutional and public procurement within the context of “quasi-democracies” at the Balkans. His research relies on empirical findings and sociological observations made in past times seven years. ultimately, the writer offers worthy methodological feedback for cutting edge interdisciplinary examine during this field.

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As we claim the Balkans, (considered less in an „overwhelming” Mediteranian scope) have shaped specific patron client relations of “mixed types”. Balkan paganisms and monotheistic religions (God Perun of the Slavs, or God Tangra of the proto-Bulgarians) might be more than illustrative in this respect. Those religious patronages have operated (before the Baptizing of Balkan people) as some “backing” patronages in a highly competitive and diversified cultural environment. They have for centuries vigorously opposed, but gradually “reshaped” some Greek, or even rest-Roman patron-cultural tradition.

We may moreover suspect that in Greece itself the tyrannies of the 7th century were the expression of an anti Dorian reaction. It can hardly be an accident that the states in which the tyrannies are found at this epoch, (Corinth, Megara, Sicyon, Epidaurus), were all of them states in which a Dorian upper class ruled over a subject population. In Asia Minor the tyrannies assumes a peculiar character after the Persian conquest. The tyrant ruled as the deputy of the Persian satrap. 67 We may be moving to a more realistic perception of patron-client relations as agents of significant, but also desired social change trough the ages.

Of hardly less importance were the climatic conditions. In this respect the Mediterranean area is unique. There is no other region of the world of equal extent in which these conditions are at once so uniform and so favourable. Nowhere had the 62 See: Cline, Austin, Ritual and Festivals of Ancient Greek Religion, in Your Guide to Agnosticism/Atheism … 63 Cit: Ancient History Sourcebook: 11th Britannica: History of Ancient Greece. 46 1 Rethinking Patronages Greek settler to encounter a climate which was either unsuited to his labour or subversive of his vigour.

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