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Contending images of world politics by Greg Fry, Jacinta O'Hagan

By Greg Fry, Jacinta O'Hagan

This significant new ebook offers a singular and engaging method of the examine of diplomacy. Taking as its start line a number of influential fresh views at the altering global order (from Samuel P. Huntington's "clash of civilizations" among the West, and the remainder to Francis Fukuyama's "end of background" thesis) the booklet brings jointly specially-commissioned chapters written in a hugely obtainable sort by means of a very overseas forged of contributors.

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2 Their value lies elsewhere, in the demands they make upon scholarship and contemporary political analysis in general. More precisely the importance of these variations on the ‘back to the future’ metaphor lies in the location of this metaphor at the core of a (power politics) tradition of IR thinking which Jim George 35 for all its silences and omissions is still integral to any evaluation of new world orders in the twenty-first century (see Krasner, 1995; Booth, 1998; Smith, 1997;Vasquez, 1998; George, 1994).

Hence, the acknowledgment in word and deed of the wrongness of Soviet-style socialism and of the narrative of single truth, rationality and reality espoused with such tragic consequences by the CPSU. ) 1998, pp. 350–4). Whatever else these changed perspectives indicate they suggest that, even in a closed and repressive society such as the Soviet Union, there was a sense by the 1980s that the old world game was over, that its traditional rules were destructive, and anachronistic, and that its lexicon of meaning was increasingly irrelevant.

But it also rests, even more, on the way in which it highlights those aspects of the present international milieu which promote the self-esteem of Western, and especially American, political and economic elites, as well as their material interests. That is to say, it presents the currently prevailing international order as Washington would like to have it appear – as essentially benign, so long as the American model continues to win greater acceptance. Here the image of the democratic peace merges with that of the end of history.

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