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Computer Literacy. Issues and Directions for 1985 by Robert Seidel

By Robert Seidel

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A computer literacy course that is sold or provided as part of a package when the computer is purchased, at a retail store, would seem very appealing. For education to benefit, however, local or state school districts will probably have to support development and/or acquisition of computer literacy curricula along with computer purchases. So far, Minnesota and MECC provide a reasonable State model to follow. HumRRO, with National Science Foundation support, is attempting to infuse computer literacy in K8 at the county level.

Technol- 32 Computer Literacy ogy has added to that meaning considerably. Hopefully, computer literacy will similarly become part of an organic and open-ended evolving curriculum for developing information know-how by the individuals and groups of our society. E. L. (1980). "A Conceptual Framework for Developing Computer Literacy Instruction," Presentation at the Association of Computing Machinery in Tennessee, October 28, 1980. A. (1981). "Multi-Micro Learning Environments: A Preliminary Report on the Solo/NET/works Project," Byte, January, pp.

It is distributed among all our individual memories. During this next half hour, please search through your own data banks for events and lessons you have learned that may contribute to our collective wisdom. Build for yourself a special working file of these events and ideas to draw upon during our work over these next three days. To help you extract these events from your own memories, I will mention some 100 or so events that I think have some relevance. You will use the characteristics of those events, as keys for searching your own memories.

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