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International Relations

Community and Communication: The Role of Language in Nation by Sue Wright

By Sue Wright

This booklet considers the problem of language within the ecu Union. with out a group of verbal exchange, the ecu needs to stay a buying and selling organization run in an autocratic manner via bilingual patrician technocrats; with a neighborhood of communique, the eu Union may well increase democratic constructions and legitimacy and provides desiring to its regulations of loose flow. how you can in attaining that group of verbal exchange is the largest problem dealing with Europe this day.

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According to Voltaire, writing in 1756, the Middle Ages may be considered as the beginning of this process, but change was slow and it took many centuries for the mass of Europeans to emerge from their various enslavements to become the people.  There was usually pressure for the subjects of the ruler to profess the same religion as he did—cuius regio, eius religio.  See Hutchinson (1987), Smith (1991a, b) on the politics of cultural nationalism.  In May 1999 they voted for their first parliament since 1707.

Such nationalism is usually inclusive as long as those who are to be included do not demand recognition of such differences.  In the last two categories, there is typically a belief that the constituent groups share blood ties.  All cases of such nationalism are exclusive. And a final point; there is no necessary linear progression from a group's awareness of itself as nation to its political organisation as a nation state; indeed in many instances, particularly among states formed according to the first pattern, the construction of a national identity for all citizens is likely to post­date the emergence of the 'nation' state.

At the same time, the absence of any central power favoured the idea that anyone whose mother tongue was one of the German dialects and who partook of German culture in some way could be defined as German.

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