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Commentary on the Book of Job (Expositio Super Iob ad by Thomas Aquinas (translated by Brian Mulladay; edited by

By Thomas Aquinas (translated by Brian Mulladay; edited by Joseph Kenny, O.P.)

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Wise men usually express the motion of the passions which they feel in a reasonable way. So Christ said, “My soul is sorrowful unto death,” (Matt. 26:38) and St. ” (7:15) Also, Boethius at the beginning of theConsolation of Philosophy opens with the expression of his sadness, but he shows how to mitigate it by reason. So Job expresses his sorrow verbally. unde sequitur et maledixit diei suo, quod videtur esse contra illud apostoli Rom. XII 14 benedicite et nolite maledicere. Sed sciendum est quod maledicere multipliciter dicitur: cum enim maledicere nihil aliud sit quam malum dicere, totiens dicitur maledicere quotiens contingit malum dicere.

For stupidity is opposed to Caput 2 CHAPTER TWO – THE SECOND TRIAL The First Lesson: Satan tries Job in his Flesh ‫באו ְבֵני ָהֱאלִהים ְלִהְתי ֵַצב‬ ֹ ָ ‫ַוי ְִהי ַהיום ַוי‬ ‫שָטן ְבת ָֹכם ְלִהְתי ֵַצב‬ ָ ‫ַעל ְ־יהָוה ַוָיבוא ַגם־ַה‬ ‫שָטן ֵאי‬ ָ ‫ ַוֹיאֶמר ְיהָוה ֶאל־ַה‬1 ‫ַעל ְ־יהָוה׃‬ ‫שָטן ֶאת ְ־יהָוה ַוֹיאַמר‬ ָ ‫בא ַוי ַַען ַה‬ ֹ ‫ִמֶזה ָת‬ ‫ ַוֹיאֶמר‬2 ‫שט ָבאֶרץ וֵמִהְתַהֵלך ָבה׃‬ ֻ ‫ִמ‬ ‫שְמָת ִלְבך ֶאל־ַעְבִדי‬ ַ ‫שָטן ֲה‬ ָ ‫ְיהָוה ֶאל־ַה‬ ‫שר‬ ָ ָ ‫מהו ָבאֶרץ ִאיש ָתם ְוי‬ ֹ ‫ִאיוב ִכי ֵאין ָכ‬ ‫י ְֵרא ֱאלִהים ְוָסר ֵמָרע ְוע ֶֹדנו ַמֲחִזיק‬ ‫ בו ְלַבְלעו ִחנָם׃ ַוי ַַען‬3 ‫ְבֻתָמתו ַוְתִסיֵתִני‬ ‫כל‬ ֹ ‫דעור ְו‬ ‫שָטן ֶאת ְ־יהָוה ַוֹיאַמר עור ְבַע ־‬ ָ ‫ַה‬ ‫ אוָלם‬4 ‫שר ָלִאיש י ִֵתן ְבַעד נְַפשו׃‬ ֶ ‫ֲא‬ ‫שרו ִאם־‬ ָ ‫שַלח ָ־נא י ְָדך ְוַגע ֶאל־ַעְצמו ְוֶאל־ְב‬ ְ ‫ַוֹיאֶמר ְיהָוה ֶאל־‬5 ‫לא ֶאל־ָפֶניך י ְָבֲרֶכָך׃‬ 6 ‫שמ ֹר׃‬ ְ ‫שָטן ִהנו ְבי ֶָדך ַאך ֶאתנַ־ְפשו‬ ָ ‫ַה‬ 1 Again on a certain day when the sons of God came to assist in the presence of the Lord Satan also came among them and assisted in his presence.

Dies enim nativitatis praeterierat et iam non erat; quod autem praeteriit immutabile est: quomodo igitur poterat dies qui praeterierat in tenebras verti? Sed sciendum est quod quaedam per modum optandi dicuntur ad exprimendum iudicium quod de aliqua re habetur; sic igitur nunc dicitur dies ille vertatur in tenebras ac si diceretur: dies nativitatis meae debuisset esse tenebrosus ut congrueret tenebris miseriae quam patior. Quia enim aspectus luminis delectabilis est, secundum illud Eccl. XI 7 dulce lumen, et delectabile est oculis videre solem, consuetum est in Scripturis ut per tenebras tristitia significetur, secundum illud Eccl.

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