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Commentaries of Ruy Freyre De Andrada (Broadway Travellers) by C. R. Boxer

By C. R. Boxer

First released in 1930. 'The Broadway guests consolidates its already excessive recognition by way of issuing this volume...' SpectatorThis is the 1st translation of the Commentarios due to the fact unique book in 1647. Copies of the unique are very infrequent but the paintings covers an traditionally major interval, describing the operations major as much as the trap from the Portuguese of Ormuz, within the Persian Gulf, through an Anglo-Persian strength. Of significance within the heritage of the increase of the Indian Empire, this is often the 1st revealed account of the Portuguese model of the affair.The appendices contain many formerly unpublished Portuguese records, an important of that's the complete magazine of Edward Monnox, who was once current during the operations.

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38 to no of the present work, so it is unnecessary to go into the details of the siege here; it will suffice to say that Ruy Freire held his own and wrought immense havoc all along the neighbouring Persian by means of the plundering flotillas of light craft that he sent out from Ormuz and Kishm at intervals, and which burnt and sacked nearly all of the ports and villages between Kung and Jask. The chief of these raids, which were with wanton barbarity and disgraced by the slaughter of all women and children who were found, was to the local shipping in order to prevent the Khan of Shiras from a sufficient number of craft by which he could transport his forces over to Ormuz, and also to impede the passage of reinforcements from the mainland to Kishm, and to the pearl-fisheries.

These were the Hart and Eagle of the India Company's outward bound fleet together with a Portuguese prize which they had taken. Ruy Freire at once weighed in pursuit, and as the English thought it likely that he would overhaul them, they turned off the prize and for Surat. On their way thither they fell in with their two consorts the London and Roebuck under Captain Shilling, and the united force then headed for Jask Roads determined to try a bout with the redoubtable Pride of Portugall, who had sworn upon the Sacrament in Lisbon to root out the English and their trade from the Gulf.

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