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Colorado givers: a history of philanthropic heroes by Thomas Jacob Noel, Stephen J. Leonard, Kevin E. Rucker

By Thomas Jacob Noel, Stephen J. Leonard, Kevin E. Rucker

Colorado Givers seems to be at expressions of charity from either participants and massive foundations, women and men, and spiritual and secular teams. The e-book defines philanthropy in a vast experience to incorporate monetary donations made by way of huge foundations and likewise intangible acts of the guts. those 3 Colorado historians commence with local americans who assisted gold miners flocking to the Pikes height gold fields in 1859. Their enticing narrative concludes with the rules and nonprofits who've blessed the top nation with their hundreds of thousands. This lavishly illustrated ebook incorporates a component to color photos that showcases Colorado's such a lot memorable givers and their presents.

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He moved to Russellville, Kentucky in 1809. There Clara married at the age of 18 and had four children: Margaret, Eliza Jane, Paulina and Richard. After the death of Smith in 1835, she, her husband and her children were sold to different masters. She was purchased by Kentuckian George Brown. After twenty years of sterling service, the Browns gave her freedom and their family name. Clara Brown headed to Missouri, where freed slaves were protected by law. When her St. Louis employer emigrated to Leavenworth, Kansas, she went with him.

The California gold fever had scarcely cooled in 1858 when a few grains of gold dust found in the South Platte River ignited the Colorado Page 6 rush. Newspapers, particularly in the Midwest, heralded exaggerated claims of gold discoveries across the Great Plains. Outfitters and suppliers in Missouri River towns heartily endorsed the golden rumors. Prospective millionaires lined up with cash in hand to buy supplies for the trek to the new El Dorado. The "Rush" mentality epitomized Social Darwinism, "the survival of the fittest" philosophy prevalent in Gilded Age America.

Born in Chillicothe, Ohio, she grew up on the family farm. Her grandfather had been governor of Ohio and, after going to Iowa, governor there as well. Following the successful patriarch, the family moved to Iowa, where Elizabeth found herself courted by a young William Newton Byers, who sent her verbal bouquets galore, such as: Something in every part of thee To praise, to love, I find; But dear as is thy form to me, Still dearer is zthy mind. The words worked. In 1854, Elizabeth married the handsome Will Byers.

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