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Collected Poems by Mark Strand

By Mark Strand

Accrued here's a part century’s terrific paintings via the previous poet laureate of the U.S. and Pulitzer Prize winner whose haunting and exemplary sort has inspired a whole new release of yankee poets.

Beginning with the limited-edition quantity napping with One Eye Open, released in 1964, Mark Strand used to be hailed as a poet of piercing originality and magnificence, and within the resulting a long time he has now not swerved from his imaginative and prescient of the way a poem may be formed and what it may bring. As he entered the center interval of his occupation, with volumes reminiscent of the continual existence (1990), Strand was once already recognized for his skill to catch the delicate song of recognition, and for developing painterly actual landscapes that may resolution to the internal self: “And the following the darkish infinitive to believe, / which might suffer and feature the earth be nonetheless / And the star-strewn evening pour down the mountains / Into the hissing fields and silent towns.” In his later paintings, from snow fall of 1 (1998) which received the Pulitzer Prize, in the course of the sly, provocative riddles of his contemporary nearly Invisible (2012), Strand has overjoyed in reminding us that there's no poet rather like him for a dose of darkish wit that seems to be deep knowledge and self-deprecation. He has given voice to our collective mind's eye with a grandeur and comedian honesty precious of his nice Knopf forebear Wallace Stevens. With this quantity, we have fun his canonical work.

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