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Symmetry And Group

Close Quarter Combatives Group: Training Mission Two by W. Hock Hochheim, Margaret Eden

By W. Hock Hochheim, Margaret Eden

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Over the last 30 years the idea of finite teams has constructed dramatically. Our knowing of finite basic teams has been better via their category. many questions about arbitrary teams should be diminished to comparable questions about easy teams and functions of the idea are starting to seem in different branches of arithmetic.

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Set 1: Pound the target downward from the 12 o’clock zone. Set 2: Pound the target inward from the 3 o’clock zone (shown above). Set 3: Pound the target backhanded and upward at the 6 o’clock zone. Set 4: Pound the target backhanded from the 9 o’clock zone. Set 5: Pound the target from all 4 angles from a knee high position. Set 6: Pound the target from all 4 angles from a grounded position. Set 7: Switch hands. Pound through the above 6 sets with your opposite hand. Set 8: Pound on a trainer partner that is moving, feeding you a target and striking back.

Use pads and mitts for the targets to build stabs and pommel strikes. Page 55 9 o’clock. When it’s time to teach the stalking attack and counter-attack versus a mobile trainer, various techniques can be used. The first technique comes from the boxing sciences-feeding targets. The stationary drill. The trainer holds back the stick, then produces it forward as a signal to be hit. The mobile version! Page 56 After some stalking, the trainer presents the stick for a strike. The trainee strikes out.

A basic shaft strike. A basic stab. Practice 1) In the air, to develop basics and body synergy. 2) Hit objects to feel realistic resistance and goal-specific strength. 3) Train with partners in choreographed sets and freestyle fighting. Page 46 A basic pommel strike. The Enforcement High Noon-The High Police Strike In most world-wide enforcement and corrections policy, the high-hand-over-head impact weapon attack is prohibited, largely because it signifies a head shot. Stick hits to the head easily render the enemy stunned and/or down and out and are your most successful, hard core, survival tactic.

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