Close Quarter Combatives Group: Training Mission Two by W. Hock Hochheim, Margaret Eden

By W. Hock Hochheim, Margaret Eden

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Practice these training sets. Basic Set 1) Stick contact and stick strike- work across the body in five sets. Basic Set 2) Stick contact and any empty hand strike- work across the body in five sets. Basic Set 3) Stick contact and any kick- work across the body in five sets. Advanced Advanced Advanced Advanced Advanced Advanced Set Set Set Set Set Set 1) Practice these sets on your back. The trainer looms over you. 2) The trainee charges in, makes contact and strikes in a dynamic manner. 3) The trainer actual strikes with a step into the zones of these five positions.

The thrusting tip stab at 12, 3, and 6 pm... 9 o’clock thrusting stab. Remember hooking stabs on the clock. Practice the Basics: Execute one set of 10 strikes per angle. Set 1: Slash the training staff downward from the 12 o’clock zone. Set 2: Slash the training staff inward from the 3 o’clock zone (shown above). Set 3: Slash the training staff upward at the 6 o’clock zone. Set 4: Slash the training staff backhanded from the 9 o’clock zone. Set 5: Slash the training staff from all 4 angles from a knee high position.

Twist! Do not roll with and up on the suspect for more wrestling. Kick! The pelvis raise and bent side “shrimp-out” are important skills. Page 33 Escape the Rapist with an Eye Gouge Head Twist Stick your thumb deep into the rapist’s eye. Drive left eye to right ear, or right eye to left ear, deepening upon your eye attack. That will create a head turn and also assist your other hand’s grab of the rapist’s head. Should his hair be long enough? Grab hair. Then in the head twist concept, powered by the driving thumb, twist the head until the criminal rolls over.

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