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Close binaries in the 21st century : new opportunities and by Alvaro Giménez; et al

By Alvaro Giménez; et al

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The first radial velocity observations of the system were obtained by Rucinski and Lu (1999). 305(24) and the spectral type as F7 V . The first simultaneous radial velocity and light curves solutions of the system were derived by Pazhouhesh and Edalati (2002). With the simultaneous solution, they obtained the absolute parameters of the system and they announced that V839 Oph is an overcontact system which has two stars overfilling their respective Roche lobes. The first period study of the system was performed independently by Wolf et al.

Lorenz · P. Harmanec · P. Mayer · M. V. 8 days) are presented. U BV light curves obtained over a period of 12 years were analyzed with a Wilson-Devinney-based solution code. Setting off from a set of parameters derived from spectroscopic investigations a consistent photometric solution was achieved. 128 and the apsidal motion with a spectroscopic period of about 150 days was confirmed. Keywords V1007 Sco . O-type binaries . Eccentric 1. Overview V1007 Sco (HD 152248) is one of the earliest eclipsing binaries known; both components are of spectral type O7.

The visual timings in general show a large amount of scatter and not considered during the further anal- ysis. The cyclic variation could be produced by the light-time effect due to a third body in the system or magnetic activity cycle of the primary component. We have taken into account both possibilities and analysed the O–C diagram using the equation based on Irwin (1952)’s formulation in terms of light-time effect and using the equations given by Applegate (1992) in terms of magnetic activity cycle.

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