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International Relations

Civilian Protection in Armed Conflicts: Evolution, by Robert Schütte

By Robert Schütte

The research analyzes 3 subject matters: first, the evolution of the concept that of civilians during human heritage, and secondly, the location and victimization of civilians in armed clash considering the fact that 1990, and 3rd, how the overseas neighborhood because the finish of the chilly struggle to guard civilians has monitored by way of the mandating powerful UN peacekeeping missions. The United countries undertaking within the Congo services as a case study.

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118 It is noteworthy that the clergy not only feathered its own nest but extended the protection to the population, although limitedly. Parallel to the proclamation of the peace of god, the church banned warfare during certain periods of the year and established a truce of god, which would later be merged with the peace of god. While the council of Charroux had only limited aims with regards to the restriction of armed conflict, succeeding councils built upon the already established canons and extended both the scope of protected persons as well as the geographical coverage of the rules.

90 Ibid: p. 77 85 Ibid: p. 90 86 Livy: History of Rome, Vol. IV, Harper & Brothers, New York, p. 35 87 Sun Tzu: The Art of War, Sterling, New York, 2000, p. ”88 Besides the individual soldier's economic motivation, we should not forget the even more systematic drive of whole polities to enrich themselves by plundering their neighbors. ”89 Well-known examples are, once again, the Roman Empire and the Athenians after the Second Persian War. Concerning the former, it would be an exaggeration to argue that Rome’s conquests were primarily driven by prospects of plunder.

97 In contrast to the Biblical society of the times of Deuteronomy, monogamy was firmly established in old Greece. “Hence, though captives might be sexually exploited, there was usually no question of marrying them. ”98 Despite the different ways of dealing with the issue, women were in both cases regarded as a natural – and for the Greeks the most precious99 - spoil of war. ”100 However, we should bear in mind that in using the term ‘rape’ confronts us with the question as to what degree we can apply modern standards to past times.

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