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Ciba Foundation Symposium - Metabolic Breakdown of Steroids

Chapter 1 The Metabolism of C19 Steroids by means of person Tissues (pages 236–243): Leo T. Samuels
Chapter 2 In vivo Metabolism of C19 Steroids (pages 244–250): Frank Ungar and Ralph I. Dorfman
Chapter three Is Dehydroisoandrosterone remoted from Urine Extracts an unique 17?Ketosteroid or a manufactured from Chemical Degradation? (pages 251–273): E. Dingemanse
Chapter four The influence of Androgens at the Urinary Excretion of Steroid Alcohols and ?strogens (pages 274–285): Lewis L. Engel, Marion Lance, Gladys Ekman, Katherine H. Spaulding, Priscilla Carter and Ira T. Nathanson
Chapter five Excretion of Steroids in a Case of Interstitial telephone Tumour of the Testis (pages 286–290): Eleanor H. Venning
Chapter 6 Metabolism of impartial C21 and C19 Steroids (pages 291–308): Ralph I. Dorfman
Chapter 7 Progesterone Metabolism—A evaluate (pages 309–326): William H. Pearlman
Chapter eight The Metabolism of Progesterone in Goats (pages 327–328): R. J. Boscott
Chapter nine The Separation of Urinary Cortical Steroids (pages 329–333): R. J. Boscott
Chapter 10 The middleman Metabolism of Progesterone in Human topics (pages 334–346): Ian F. Sommerville
Chapter eleven The Metabolism of Progesterone and comparable Compounds (pages 347–353): Ralph I. Dorfman, Frank Ungar, Paul Wgnos, Robert M. Stecher and Norman Shumway
Chapter 12 Metabolic experiences on Orally Administered Progesterone (pages 354–358): Eleanor H. Venning
Chapter thirteen Blood Progesterone in being pregnant (pages 359–365): C. J. O. R. Morris
Chapter 14 On attainable Relationships among the Metabolic Breakdown of Progesterone and its organic job (pages 366–374): H. S. Guterman
Chapter 15 11?Oxygenating Enzyme method (pages 375–380): Ralph I. Dorfman and Mika Hayano
Chapter sixteen The Metabolism of Steroid Hormones in people (pages 381–417): okay. Dobriner and S. Lieberman
Chapter 17 The impression of Corticosteroids on Carbohydrate and Electrolyte Metabolism in vitro (pages 418–422): F. Verzar
Chapter 18 Chairman's ultimate comments (pages 423–424): R. okay. Callow

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P. of the sublimed compound was 140-5-141°C. and the [uID in alcohol was +12l0f3'. 7 per cent. 1; H, 9 - 8 per cent. The substance did not give a precipitate with digitonin. Its aceta€e and monoxime were prepared. p. 185°C. p. p. with an authentic sample of this compound. 3-Chloroandrost-5-en-17-0ne was first isolated by Butenandt in 1935 from 3000 litres of male urine, and has since been regarded as an artifact of dehydroiso. androsterone. Butenandt himself, however, drew attention to the possibility of another precursor.

We felt that the determination of 17-ketosteroids would acquire greater diagnostic significance if it were possible to METAB. 251 18 252 E. DINGEMANSE determine the 17-ketosteroid metabolites of the gonadal hormone and those of the adrenal cortex hormones separately, while it would be still more satisfactory to be able to identify each individual 17-ketosteroid qualitatively and to determine it quantitatively. We knew that a number of investigators had already isolated and identified a considerable number of 17-ketosteroids from the urine of normal and diseased subjects.

DORFMAN: We haven’t studied that in detail, but the fact that we were able to isolate a t least 0 . 5 per cent of the cis-testosteronefed leads us to believe that if other 17a-hydroxy compounds were present in appreciable quantity we would have isolated them. SAMUELS: I would like to make a comment regarding the metabolism from the ketone t o the alcohol and vice versa, I n that original diagram which I showed we indicated by a separate arrow that the alcoholic GENERALDISCUSSION 249 17-ketoneswere metabolized to the diols.

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