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Ciba Foundation Symposium 64 - Maternal Recognition of

Chapter 1 advent (pages 1–2): R. B. Heap
Chapter 2 Comparative facets of Blastocyst—Endometrial Interactions at Implantation (pages 3–32): A. C. Enders and S. Schlafke
Chapter three adjustments within the floor of the Mouse Blastocyst at Implantation (pages 33–52): Michael I. Sherman, Ruth Shalgi, Angie Rizzino, Martin H. Sellens, Steffen homosexual and Renate Gay
Chapter four The Hormonal regulate of Implantation (pages 53–83): R. J. Aitken
Chapter five Hormonal regulate of Implantation within the Rat: Inhibition by means of Luteinizing Hormone?Releasing Hormone and its Analogues (pages 85–110): Koji Yoshinaga and Masahiko Fujino
Chapter 6 value of Maternal Uterine Proteins within the institution of being pregnant (pages 111–140): Henning M. Beier and Ursula Mootz
Chapter 7 Molecular and mobile elements of Facultative not on time Implantation within the Mouse (pages 141–172): Jonathan Van Blerkom, Daniel J. Chavez and Hobart Bell
Chapter eight Hormonal keep an eye on of Embryonic Diapause and Reactivation within the Tammar Wallaby (pages 173–190): C. H. Tyndale?Biscoe
Chapter nine Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and Meternal popularity of being pregnant (pages 191–208): Griff T. Ross
Chapter 10 Blastocyst Oestrogen Synthesis and the Maternal acceptance of being pregnant (pages 209–238): A. P. F. Flint, R. D. Burton, J. E. Gadsby, P. T. ok. Saunders and R. B. Heap
Chapter eleven the character and position of Pregnancy?Associated Antigens and the Endocrinology of Early being pregnant within the Ewe (pages 239–259): J. okay. Findlay, Marion Sheers, L. D. Staples and that i. A. Cumming
Chapter 12 Antiluteolytic influence of the Embryo (pages 261–292): N. L. Poyser and Felicity M. Maule Walker
Chapter thirteen Maternal Immunological popularity Mechanisms while pregnant (pages 293–322): Alan E. Beer and Rupert E. Bilingham
Chapter 14 Maternal attractiveness of being pregnant and Immunological Implications of Trophoblast?Endometrium Interactions in Equids (pages 323–352): W. R. Allen
Chapter 15 Immunological Interference with the Maternal reputation of being pregnant in Primates (pages 353–375): John P. Hearn
Chapter sixteen while a perception Fails to turn into a being pregnant (pages 377–411): R. V. Short
Chapter 17 Chairman's Summing?Up (pages 413–414): R. B. Heap

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2. Scanning electron micrograph of a fourth-day mouse blastocyst whose zona pellucida had been removed with pronase. Overall morphology is shown in A, and surface detail at higher magnification is presented in B. In the latter illustration, numerous microvilli can be observed in the intercellular spaces. Scale bar in both figures=5 pm. 40 M . I. SHERMAN ET AL. and after release from, ovariectomy-induced implantation delay. From the observations of Calarco & Epstein and from studies in this laboratory (Fig.

J . Enibryol. Exp. Murphol. 29, 639-645 JENKINSON, E. J . & SEARLE, R. F. (1977) Cell surface changes on the mouse blastocyst at implantation. Exp. Cell Res. 106. 386-390 KLEINFELD, R. G . MARROW, H. A. V. J. (1976) lntercellular iunctions between decidual cells in the growing deciduoma of the pseudopregnant rat uterus. Biol. Reprod. 15, 593-603 MOSCONA, A. A. (1971) Embryonic and neoplastic cell surfaces: availability of receptors for concanavalin A and wheat germ agglutinin. Science (Wcrsh. )171,905-907 NICOLSON, G .

118-123, Plenum Press, New York BERGSTROM,S. & NILSSON, 0. (1973) Various types of embryo-endometrial contacts during delay of implantation in the mouse. J . Reprod. Fertil. 32, 531-533 BERGSTROM,S. & NILSSON,0. (1975) Embryo-endometrial relationship in the mouse during activation of the blastocyst by oestradiol. J . Reprod. Fertil. 44, 117-120 P. H. (1975) Membranes of transformed mammalian cells, in BRADY,R. 0. & FISHMAN. Biochetnistiy of Cell Wolls ond Membranes, vol. 2 (Fox, C. ), pp. 61-96, Butterworths, London CALARCO, P.

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