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Ciba Foundation Symposium 114 - Fibrosis

Chapter 1 advent (pages 1–3): Allen J. Bailey
Chapter 2 The Fibroblast in Morphogenesis and Fibrosis: telephone Topography and Surface?Related features (pages 4–19): Robert L. Trelstad and David E. Birk
Chapter three Structural and practical reviews at the Interstitial Collagen Genes (pages 20–33): Benoit De Crombrugghe, Gene Liau, Chiaki Setoyama, Azriel Schmidt, Catherine McKeon and Maria Mudryj
Chapter four Synthesis of Collagen: Chemical legislation of Post?Translational occasions (pages 34–64): Kari I. Kivirikko and Kari Majamaa
Chapter five The constitution of Collagen (pages 65–79): A. Miller, J. Bradshaw, E. Y. Jones, R. D. B. Fraser, T. P. Macrae and E. Suzuki
Chapter 6 Intermolecular Cross?Linking in Fibrotic Collagen (pages 80–96): A. J. Bailey and N. D. Light
Chapter 7 The Turnover and Degradation of Collagen (pages 97–110): Stephen M. Krane
Chapter eight Fibronectin in Formation and Degradation of the Pericellular Matrix (pages 111–126): Antti Vaheri, Eeva?Marjatta Salonen and Tapio Vartio
Chapter nine mobile Interactions in Post?Traumatic Fibrosis (pages 127–149): T. okay. Hunt, M. J. Banda and that i. A. Silver
Chapter 10 Chemoattractants in Fibrotic problems (pages 150–163): G. R. Grotendorst, L. Paglia, C. Mcivor, S. Barsky, Y. Martinet and D. Pencev
Chapter eleven HLA institutions in Fibrotic illness (pages 164–174): ok. I. Welsh
Chapter 12 Host Immune components Regulating Fibrosis (pages 175–195): Sharon M. Wahl
Chapter thirteen Collagen Deposition in Autoimmune illnesses: The increasing position of the Fibroblast in Human Fibrotic affliction (pages 196–207): E. Carwile Leroy
Chapter 14 law of Fibroblast Proliferation via Kupffer Cells and Monocytes (pages 208–221): Marcos Rojkind and Gerardo Valadez
Chapter 15 Biochemical Pathways resulting in Collagen Deposition in Pulmonary Fibrosis (pages 222–240): Geoffrey J. Laurent
Chapter sixteen precis (pages 241–244): Allen J. Bailey

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5 . Structures of selected proline analogues. 44 KlVlRIKKO & MAJAMAA Administration of proline analogues has been shown to achieve specific inhibition of collagen deposition in laboratory animals in several models, including adhesions of palmar tendons, repair of intestinal anastomoses, pulmonary oxygen toxicity and liver fibrosis (Prockop et a1 1979, Chvapil 1982). In other studies, however, no inhibitory effect has been found on collagen synthesis and accumulation in normal or repairing tissues or on the breaking strength of skin wounds (Chvapil 1982).

Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 77:7059-7063 Razin A, Riggs AD 1980 DNA methylation and gene function. Science (Wash DC) 210:604-609 Sandell LJ, Prentice HL, Kravis D, Upholt WJ 1984 Structure and sequence of the chicken type I11 procollagen gene. J Biol Chem 259:78267834 30 DISCUSSION Sandmeyer S. Gallis B. Bornstein P 1981 Coordinate transcriptional regulation of type I procollagen genes by Rous sarcoma virus. J Biol Chem 2565022-5028 Schmidt A, Yamada Y, de Crombrugghe B 1984 DNA sequence comparison of the regulatory signals at the 5’ end of the mouse and chick alpha 2 type I collagen genes.

The K, values for the individual compounds are shown in parentheses under the structures. The K,,,for 2-oxoglutarate is 20pM. ) from the collagen hydroxylases in that its reaction mechanism does not involve any metal ion. The data thus emphasize the role of chelation of the enzymebound Fe2+for the binding of various compounds at the 2-oxoglutarate site of collagen hydroxylases and suggest that it may be possible to develop potent, high-specificity inhibitors of prolyl 4-hydroxylase. 41 CHEMICAL REGULATION O F COLLAGEN PROCESSING TABLE 2 K,values of two pyridine dicarboxylates for the three collagen hydroxylases and 2oxoglutaratedehydrogenase K.

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