Chroniques du Nouvel-Ontario (édition intégrale) by Hélène Brodeur

By Hélène Brodeur

Voici réunis dans un seul quantity les trois tomes de los angeles trilogie des Chroniques du Nouvel-Ontario d’Hélène Brodeur.

Saga historique maintes fois primée, l’œuvre présente l. a. petite histoire de l. a. colonisation du Nord de l’Ontario jusqu’à l’éclatement du Canada français en 1968.

« Les Chroniques du Nouvel-Ontario constituent un monument de l. a. littérature franco-ontarienne par leur ampleur, leur valeur documentaire et sociohistorique et leurs indéniables qualités littéraires. » — Doric Germain

La trilogie « suggest le portrait profondément humain d’une société en pleine mutation, avec ses enjeux moraux et politiques liés à los angeles faith et à l. a. langue, bien sûr, mais surtout elle met en scène des hommes et des femmes aux prises avec un quotidien impitoyable, dans une langue belle, riche et imagée. » — Johanne Melançon, Liaison

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They had closed the coffin, shutting me inside, and they were ham­ mering the nails into place. Shortly afterward the coffin began to move, but the labored footsteps and panting of the bearers gave me hope. We went out on the public street, where the pealing of the main church bells, the villagers’ comments, the very sounds that the heavens trans­ mit, led me to the correct interpretation of events. They were carrying me to my funeral. And panic overwhelmed me: I already felt the lack of air in my enclosure.

Have you seen, for example, how hard it is to catch them? ” “All right, joke all you want, but this is different. ” , “So what? ” “How should I know!... ” “Face, now that’s a good one. ” “Right, that’s what I thought until recently; but now they do and when you finally catch one, he looks at you with that expres­ sion o f.. ” “Cut it out, Joe; yeah, he looks at you so... ’” “Well, now... ” “So, everything’s fine. ” “Leaving? ” ‘Them. ” “And where are they going, Mr. ” “How should I know what they’ve cooked up: they must’ve found a way.

The sharp, flexible tip of the rod slipped a few centimeters under the labrena’s ugly little body, but since those walls are not always perfectly smooth, it got stuck and jammed on a protuberance or bump in the plaster. As a result, the tip jerked back, knocking the labrena down and... and propelled it with particular force against... against my face. I had just enough time to feel a chill on my skin that was worse than anything I had ever imagined in my life: the vile creature’s touch. And I lost consciousness.

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