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Chocolate Cupcakes and Mythical Creatures by DeShaun Walker

By DeShaun Walker

It’s Charlie Foster’s first time clear of domestic, and he’s a ways from Texas on the all-boys boarding college for legendary creatures in England. fortunately he’s beautiful solid at making buddies, one corresponding to the brooding and closeted Caleb Jacobs—and although they're approximately polar opposites, they turn into inseparable quickly after assembly. Even Charlie’s short fling with a definite werewolf classmate doesn’t force a wedge among the pair. yet is that simply because Caleb sees anything that Charlie doesn’t?

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That means I only get to see you on Saturdays.? And suddenly, I had a mouthful of Tegan. Heh. That sounded all dirty, like I was sucking his dick or something, but no. Tegan had shoved his tongue down my throat. Not that I minded. I pushed myself closer to him so that I was near to straddling his lap, pressing my lips down harder on his. t really dawn on me that I was making out with a complete stranger until? Charlie! I leave you for ten minutes, and this is what happens?? Caleb all but shouted, prying me and Tegan apart.

He did this on purpose! d be too scared to go back to my room all aloney. So yes, I sat there during that movie, staring at the screen with wide eyes. Screaming whenever a new person got chopped up by a chainsaw. d conjured up a million new nightmares. Tanner stood, stretching, taking his crap movie out of the DVD player. He walked over to the door. So… good night?? No!? I hopped up, grabbing on to his wrist before he could leave me all alone with ghosty serial killers. Will you… uh, walk me to my room??

I get it all the fucking time. Can you just give me a different history teacher? Please?? Vick shook his head, still looking at me in confusion. t, not without a legitimate reason. Charlie?? Change his schedule.? Me and Vick both jumped at the sound of the new voice. Tanner? What the hell was he doing in here? s eyes hardened. d you do this time?? Tanner shrugged. ve… cursed out a certain history teacher for fucking with a certain guy.? Why would you do that?? The idiot. He got in trouble for me?

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