Chocolate Cupcakes and Mythical Creatures by DeShaun Walker

By DeShaun Walker

It’s Charlie Foster’s first time clear of domestic, and he’s a ways from Texas on the all-boys boarding college for legendary creatures in England. fortunately he’s lovely reliable at making neighbors, one equivalent to the brooding and closeted Caleb Jacobs—and notwithstanding they're approximately polar opposites, they turn into inseparable quickly after assembly. Even Charlie’s short fling with a undeniable werewolf classmate doesn’t force a wedge among the pair. yet is that simply because Caleb sees whatever that Charlie doesn’t?

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Fag. t even dare to look at Tanner as I grabbed my stuff and stormed out of the classroom. Charlie, what are you doing in here? s wrong?? Vick said when I walked into the office, plopping down in a chair. I rubbed profusely at my eyes, willing the wetness away. t cry. t cry. Not in front of people, anyway. Can I have a?? My voice cracked, and I took a deep breath to steady myself. schedule change? My history teacher is a homophobic asshole.? What?? Vick stood up, coming to sit in the chair beside me.

I hissed. No! t move! t want him to see me! I look ugly today.? Okay… I know I just said a second ago that I look cute, but what if he thinks I look ugly? Caleb scoffed. You look fine. Have you even figured out his name yet?? Noooo,? I whined, standing up a little straighter so I could get a better look at him. d gotten so far. t close enough to tell what color his eyes were or even ask his name. Dad would be disappointed. I grabbed a granola bar and a bottle of juice off the line and followed Caleb to a table, still trying to remain hidden from Sexy Face.

Me and Caleb had most def switched personalities. XI A WEEK and a half (half? Can there even be half a week? ) later, my ears had come in. They were cute. Gabriel sure as hell thought so. Aww, you loser! You look soooo adorable!? the molester said loudly when he walked into the art room, plopping his cute little self down on my lap and kissing my cheek loudly. Effff.? I groaned when Craig grinned, flicking my ear. Stop it.? Ha. They look so cute though.? I know. Sadly. Seemed like everyone I passed by in the halls thought the same thingy.

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