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Centaur Aisle (Xanth, Book 4) by Piers Anthony

By Piers Anthony

Dor agreed to behave as King of Xanth as long as Trent used to be long past for per week. however the weeks handed and Trent didn't go back. Dor knew he needed to rescue his king yet with out magic powers, how may possibly it's done...?

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Vex waved a hand. Byrd’s lip curled into a snarl, and he whacked Vex over the head with his cane. ” A Curse on the Mountain 43 Vex didn’t want to leave the shelter of the roofed-over alleyway. The rain had not fallen the day before, but it was far nastier today. The sleet was starting to fall in place of the rain again. Vex didn’t want to risk Byrd’s temper further though; he relied on the old man. Vex peered out of the alley, picked a likely looking fellow, and stepped out into the rain. NINE POWERFUL people sat in high-backed thrones in a round room in the topmost and largest tower in the Guild.

Misha shook his head. “Forgive me for burdening you. Ah, there’s our carriage. Time to be off. ” Myr glanced away. Down the street, a couple of street children were throwing rocks at each other. One of them, a small blond boy, reminded Myr of himself as a boy. He’d been a happy child, even though his mother had died when he was born, leaving him with his father. They hadn’t had a lot, but they’d been happy. He’d never understood why his father had sold him and had never forgiven him for it. The rain was getting heavier.

He fell, Papa. ” She squeezed his arm. He could hardly argue with that. THE THING that was not Ryall watched Gavin’s house from the shadows of an alley. Jokkul left his creation to keep an eye on his prisoner. “Very soon now, My Lord. Myr will be dead, and there will be no further use for you. I suppose your father may decide to keep you alive. ” His prisoner glowered at him. “Of course, there will be some behavioral changes required of you. No more of this nonsense of raising that slave brat as your heir.

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