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Celebrating Soul: Preparing for the New Religion (Studies in by Lawrence Jaffe

By Lawrence Jaffe

Booklet by means of Jaffe, Lawrence

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The weakened sense of self that some people suffer from as a result of their childhood injuries and the rage they may feel when their sense of self is threatened with fragmentation corresponds to the rage of the Old Testament God, Yahweh. Just as God cannot be unless man gains enough consciousness to perceive Him, the ego cannot be unless someone perceives it. No person can be unless someone else has gained enough consciousness to recognize an aspect of that person's essential nature. If you understand someone, even if you never speak a word, you have an effect on that person's unconsciousthat is an essential mechanism of psychotherapy.

If the projected conflict is to be healed, it must return into the psyche of the individual, where it had its unconscious beginnings. He must celebrate a Last Supper with himself, and eat his own flesh and drink his own blood; which means that he must recognize and accept the other in himself. . Is this perhaps the meaning of Christ's teaching, that each must bear his own cross? 29 I will consider the above passage bit by bit, in order to illustrate the substance of Jungian spirituality. First: Only the living presence of the eternal images can lend the human psyche a dignity which makes it morally possible for a man to stand by his own soul, and be convinced that it is worth his while to persevere with it.

One hoped-for result of both psychotherapy and religion is that the patient/devotee will forge a connection to a power greater than the ego. Jung's term for this power is the Self. The religious term is God. A relation to the Self grants us an indestructible inner authority. <><><><><><><><><><><><> The Jungian myth posits that the consciousness we achieve in our lives is redemptive. Consciousness or awareness affects not only those close to us but, mysteriously, the whole world: past, present and future.

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