Godwin's cabalistic encyclopedia: a complete guide to by David Godwin

By David Godwin

Some of the most depended on reference works ever released at the Cabala has been revised and increased. that includes a brand new and extra usable layout, this ebook is an entire consultant to cabalistic magick and gematria within which each demon, angel, strength and identify of God ... each Sephirah, direction, and airplane of the Tree of lifestyles ... and every characteristic and organization is absolutely defined and cross-indexed by way of the Hebrew, English, and numerical forms.
All entries at the moment are included into one entire dictionary. There are thousands of latest entries and illustrations, making this ebook much more valuable for Cabalistic pathworking and meditation. It now has many new Hebrew phrases and names, in addition to the phrases of Freemasonry, the entities of the Cthulhu mythos, and the Aurum Solis spellings for the names of the demons of the Goetia. It comprises actual Hebrew spellings, and a brand new advent that explains the makes use of of the e-book for meditation on God names.
The Cabalistic schema is local to the human psyche, and Godwin’s Cabalistic Encyclopedia can be a useful reference software for all Cabalists, magicians, students and scientists of all disciplines.

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Das Geheimnis gesunder Bewegung by Thomas Hanna

By Thomas Hanna

Die meisten erwachsenen Menschen besitzen nur eine sehr geringe Fähigkeit, Bewegungen ihres Körpers sinnlich wahrzunehmen und folglich eine geringe Fähigkeit, ihren Körper zu bewegen und zu kontrollieren. Die sensomotorischen Funktionen im Innersten des menschlichen Zentralnervensystems sind bei dem typischen Erwachsenen verkümmert. Außer unter besonderen Umständen erreicht der urbanisierte Mensch das Erwachsenenalter mit einem nur minimum entwickelten sensomotorischen approach und verliert dann während seines weiteren Lebens zunehmend die Fähigkeit, seinen Körper wahrzunehmen und effizient zu bewegen.
Dieser Mangel an sensomotorischer Selbst-Bewusstheit hat katastrophale Auswirkungen, da der zunehmende Verlust unserer sensomotorischen Fähigkeiten garantiert, daß Frauen und Männer, wenn sie mittlere Altersgruppen erreichen, höchstwahrscheinlich feststellen, dass ihre Wirbel verzerrt sind und sie Schmerzen im unteren Rückenbereich, Ischias und eine chronische Steifheit und Empfindlichkeit in Nacken und Schultern besitzen. Hanna beschäftigt sich in diesem Buch - seinem Hauptwerk - vor allem mit der Praxis Funktionaler Integration, die von Moshe Feldenkrais entwickelt wurde - auf den ersten Blick eine artwork von Zauberei. Doch Funktionale Integration ist weder Zauberei noch Wunder. Statt dessen ist es eine direkte Anwendung der Prinzipien somatischer Erziehung. Eine Anzahl von Fallbeschreibungen in diesem Buch sollen das Wesen und die Wirkungen Funktionaler Integration veranschaulichen. Auf jede dieser Fallbeschreibungen folgt eine Erörterung der spezifischen somatischen Funktion. Nicht nur Feldenkrais-Trainer und alle, die sich mit der Feldenkrais-Methode beschäftigen, werden dieses Buch mit großem Gewinn lesen. Auch für Physiotherapeuten, Bewegungstrainer and so on. wird sich die Kenntnis dieses Buches in wachsender Kompetenz niederschlagen.

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Tending Brigid’s Flame: Awaken to the Celtic Goddess of by Lunaea Weatherstone

By Lunaea Weatherstone

Choked with rituals, routines, and meditations, Tending Brigid's Flame offers the cherished Celtic goddess via 3 features of her sacred flame:

Hearth: The Welcoming Flame opens the door to obtain Brigid into your place, to guard and make sacred all of the actions of lifestyle. nutrition magic, hospitality, and house-blessing are a number of the methods Brigid retains your house fires burning.

Temple: The Devotional Flame explores Brigid's allies, seasons, symbols, and sacred areas. you will meet Brigid's sister goddesses, either Celtic and around the world, and find out about the undying customized of flamekeeping and alternative routes you could supply your devotion to Brigid in the temple of your heart.

Forge: the reworking Flame stocks ways that Brigid transforms and evokes via craft and creativity, therapeutic of physique and spirit, the ability of phrases, and tempering your abilities into own excellence.

Brigid has introduced Celtic spirituality just about the hearts of individuals all over the world. Tending Brigid's Flame celebrates your personal own reference to Brigid and her position on your global.

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Your Secret Self: Illuminating Mysteries of the Twelfth by Tracy Marks

By Tracy Marks

The 12th home is the place the angels of our artistic thought and spirituality, and the demons of our shadow self dwell. Tracy Marks, psychotherapist /astrologer, presents penetrating insights into the interior workings of either the hidden weaknesses and strengths of the 12th condo, and offers functional and easy-to-use worksheets to help the method of convalescing buried elements of ourselves.

Part I: The multi-faceted meanings of the 12th House

Part II: The that means of person 12th apartment planets and symptoms, their rulers and placement

Part III: Psychodynamics of the 12th condo -the emotional conflicts linked to it, and the method of integrating and freeing 12th residence energies

Part IV: Self Transformation via Dreamwork and the dream adventure utilizing case stories concerning the Twelfh House

Part V: The Collective Shadow, concentrating on the 12th residence of the United States.

This is an up-to-date, elevated and revised addition of a e-book released in 1989, with over 30 pages of latest fabric.

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Religious Dreamworld of Apuleius’ Metamorphoses: Recovering by James Gollnick

By James Gollnick

Apuleius’ Metamorphoses is maybe most sensible referred to as the literary resource for the parable of Eros and Psyche and as a chief resource of data approximately secret religions within the old international. there's one other realm of the Metamorphoses which has, in the past, got fairly little realization — particularly, the numerous goals came upon inside it. The non secular Dreamworld of Apuleius’ Metamorphoses bargains an enticing portrait of the second-century dreamworld. spotting the centrality of the non secular functionality and religious interpretation of goals, this e-book illustrates their very important significance within the historic international and the wide range of meanings attributed to them. James Gollnick attracts deeply from old and mental experiences and offers a old heritage at the present curiosity within the position of desires in mental and religious transformation. This research of Apuleius’ Metamorphoses provides to an appreciation of Apuleius the dreamer and the second-century dreamworld within which he lived and wrote.

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