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He accused the Thatcher government of presiding over major percentage increases in violent offences, criminal damage, burglary and robbery . " This notion of getting back to how `things used to be' is underpinned by the idea that the police force is a fundamentally benevolent institution and that while there might be the odd abuse of power and the individual `bad apple', the barrel is sound . Police should therefore be supported across party lines . For example, in June 1983 in the debate on the Queen's Speech Roy Hattersley was quick to point to his Party's success in obtaining more resources for the force : Not only do I support the notion that more resources are necessary for the police and the police service .

Thus, as the researchers pointed out : While the officer takes a statement in good faith and with the intention of being fair, he will still tend to frame it in a way 41 Capital f5 Class 42 that is helpful to the prosecution and if he wishes to end the evidence to some extent, it is fairly easy for him to do so while drafting the statement in a form that the suspect will be ready to approve" The researchers found that very few people routinely come into contact with the police. The force orientate themselves towards policing what they see as the 'slags' of society, an `underclass' ofthe poor and rootless whom the police continually subject to harassment and arrest .

Even today, these struggles relate directly to the character and meaning of `working class' . Indeed, the political communities which emerge in the course of such struggles must be carefully evaluated and positioned . It is not sufficient to dismiss them under the heading of marginality. Socialists must remember not only that the processes which turn workers into a class are inextricably tied to the processes by which surplus labour is distributed and organised in politics ; but also that, throughout its short institutional life, policing has been preoccupied with divisions among people - the reproduction of class relations .

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