Candida and Candidamycosis by Emel Tümbay (ed.), Heinz P. R. Seeliger (ed.), Özdem Anǧ

By Emel Tümbay (ed.), Heinz P. R. Seeliger (ed.), Özdem Anǧ (ed.)

Scientists from 24 international locations who participated within the ~ Symposium on Candida and Candidamycosis, 24-28 April 1989, Antalya, Turkey, have made vital contributions to a greater realizing of Candida and its infections - by means of their presence, displays and discussions within the assembly. The Turkish Microbiological Society, organizing the Symposium within the identify of the Federation of ecu Microbiological Societies (FEMS), thank you all members for realising this crucial assembly on such a huge topic. during this booklet the entire manuscripts of invited and unfastened papers of the assembly are offered. The Editors expand their honest because of all participants of papers; to FEMS for encouraging and venture the preparations for booklet; to Ege collage Publishing apartment for printing; to Plenum Publishing corporation for publishing; and to all colleagues and buddies who with their aid contributed to this ebook. The Editors want that this quantity could give a contribution to a greater realizing of Candida and its infections by means of colleagues operating and/or attracted to mycology and mycotic diseases.

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Our results lead us to speculate that, in the region of new wall growth, glucanases may function as transferases that rearrange the initial linear (1,3) product. Three possible types of reaction are illustrated below: branching, elongation and conversion of ~-1,3 to ~-1,6 linkages where (a) is a transferase reaction predicted for an endo-enzyme, (b) for an exo-enzyme and (c) would require an as yet uncharacterized 1,3/1,6 transferase. These reactions could occur on the 1,3 polymer being extruded by the glucan synthetase.

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The role of fungal proteinase as a factor of virulance is supported by additional evidence: Proteolytic candidal cells are highly cytotoxic for human monocyte-like cells (U 937), while nonproteolytic blastospores cause little cytotoxicity 24. tropicalis was not at all affected by pepstatin 25. Pepstatin interferes with the candidal infection of murine epidermis 8, and it largely prohibits the invasion of human oral mucosa by Candida albicans in vitro 26, but the solubilized inhibitor proved ineffective upon intravenous application in mice with established systemic candidosis 27.

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