Cambodia: Report From a Stricken Land by Henry Kamm

By Henry Kamm

During this annoying, firsthand document, Pulitzer Prize-winning big apple occasions correspondent Kamm makes us care deeply approximately Southeast Asia's forgotten stepchild, Cambodia. Melding a heritage of the tormented state of 10 million with reportage in line with his a variety of journeys there among 1970 and 1997, he criticizes the Western powers, led by means of the united states, for assisting dictator Pol Pot's genocidal regime (1975-79), which, he argues, the West thought of a lesser evil than the Vietnamese communist invaders and their Cambodian backers who governed for the following decade. at the present time, whereas Prince Norodom Sihanouk, Cambodia's absent king and previous reasonable chief, "governs" by means of fax from Beijing, the place he lies incurably unwell with melanoma, Cambodia remains to be governed by means of the tyrannical, Vietnam-installed coalition executive of top Minister Hun Sen. in response to the writer, Hun Sen hasn't ever attained legitimacy within the eyes of a lot of his compatriots, whose country?bestrewed by means of numerous land mines?is beset through rampant lawlessness and corruption, endemic poverty and Asia's worst AIDS/HIV epidemic. Contending that the UN's much-touted 1992-93 peacekeeping venture to Cambodia used to be a failure that left the established order intact, Kamm boldly proposes that Cambodia be put less than a global trusteeship to nurse this gravely incapacitated kingdom again to wellbeing and fitness.

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SHALMANESER IV sent his field marshal SHAMSHU-ILU to deal with the increasingly powerful Urartian, and he claims to have defeated Argishti in the region of Mannea. Despite set-backs such as this, Argishti continued to expand his kingdom and captured new territories until the empire of Urartu covered the whole territory of Armenia, including the metal-rich shores of the eastern Black Sea. It controlled vital trade routes to Anatolia, Syria and Mesopotamia. Near modern Erevan he built a strong fortress called Erebuni, in which he settled thousands of prisoners taken on previous campaigns.

Despite his shadowy end amid growing internal and external threats to the Assyrian empire brought about by rebellions, as well as mounting pressure on the borders, Ashurbanipal was the last great Assyrian soldier king, and he also left a considerable cultural legacy, most famously epitomised by his library at Nineveh. He was proud of his education, which seemed to have included some literacy and scribal learning, and took a personal interest in the collection of tablets. His building activities were mostly concentrated on Nineveh, in particular the palace, though he was also responsible for the restoration and rebuilding of major temples in Babylonia.

His name appears in colophons as owner and author of astronomical tablets. Neugebauer 1955:13 Anum-muttabil Governor of Der, a contemporary of BILALAMA of Eshnunna. He left an inscription in which he claims to have ‘smitten the heads of Anshan, Elam and Simashki and captured Warakhshi’. Edzard 1957:15; Frayne 1990:330 Aplahanda King of Carchemish, frequently mentioned in the Mari texts as contemporary with YASMAHADDU, as well as ZIMRI-LIM of Mari, YARIM-LIM I of Yamhad and HAMMURABI of Babylon, (18th century).

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