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C.R.D.A. Cant Z.1018

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Britain and Regional Cooperation in Southeast Asia 1945-1949 (LSE)

Britain and neighborhood Cooperation in South-East Asia, 1945-49 strains the test through the British overseas workplace to set up a global local employer in South-East Asia which might enable Britain to dominate the quarter politically, economically and militarily. Tilman Remme explores the altering emphasis of Britain's local regulations and places the problems affecting South-East Asia within the post-War interval right into a large context.

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3, cap. 5, p. 502. For a more complete discourse see Bonne 1935; Diihnert 1934; Ogarek 1931; Reylly 1934; Schneider 1903. Schneider, 1903, p. 142 ff. De somno et vigilia, lib. 1, tr. 2, cap. 9. p. 152 (ed. Borgnet). Summa de creaturis Quaestio XX, p. 17Off. (ed. Borgnet). De somno et vigilia, lib. 2, tr. 1, cap. 4, p. 163. Ibid, lib. 1, tr. 2, cap. 8, p. 150 f. Modern neurology discriminates between three types of sleep-related seizures: those occurring when the patient falls asleep, those appearing during the state of deep sleep with synchronized slow waves in the electroencephalogram and those fits triggered by the process of awakening (Janz 1969).

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