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Building Spring 2 Enterprise Applications by Interface21 , Seth Ladd, Bram Smeets

By Interface21 , Seth Ladd, Bram Smeets

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The configuration file in Listing 1-13 defines which object will be passed in the constructor. • The DefaultTournamentMatchManager class implements the TournamentMatchManager interface and is part of the business logic layer. It has a dependency on the MatchDao interface, which is received through the setMatchDao() method as shown in Listing 1-2. This type of method is called a setter or setter method, and its purpose is to receive a collaborating object, as demonstrated in Listings 1-5 and 1-8.

Attaching the source code is simply a matter of pointing your IDE to the src folder of the Spring Framework distribution. jar archive, the JUnit test framework. This file can be found in the lib/junit folder of the Spring Framework distribution. Furthermore, you need to add the JAR files for the other frameworks you want use in your application. txt file that is included in the Spring Framework distribution lists the JAR files you need to include, depending on how you use the Spring Framework in your application.

There are special key-ref and value-ref attributes on the element that take bean definition names as the key and value. Properties element that is injected. Map and takes Strings for the key and value. number1">Kim Clijsters Properties can also be loaded from a properties file. Properties object. The Element The element is comparable to the element. Set instance, which is a collection type that enforces uniqueness of its element in the collection.

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