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Broken Landscape: Indians, Indian Tribes, and the by Frank Pommersheim

By Frank Pommersheim

Broken Landscape is a sweeping chronicle of Indian tribal sovereignty below the USA structure and how that felony research and perform have interpreted and misinterpreted tribal sovereignty because the nation's founding. The structure formalized the connection among Indian tribes and the U.S. government--a courting cast via a protracted heritage of warfare and land usurpation--within a federal constitution no longer reflected within the traditions of tribal governance. even supposing the structure well-known the sovereignty of Indian countries, it didn't shield tribes opposed to the tides of nationwide enlargement and exploitation

As Broken Landscape demonstrates, the government has many times did not appreciate the Constitution's acceptance of tribal sovereignty. in its place, it has favorite over the top, unaccountable authority in its dealings with tribes. The very best courtroom has strayed from its Constitutional roots in addition, always issuing judgements over centuries that experience strengthened federal strength over the tribes.

Frank Pommersheim, considered one of America's best students in Indian tribal legislation, bargains a singular and deeply researched synthesis of this felony historical past from colonial occasions to the current, confronting the disasters of constitutional research in modern Indian legislation jurisprudence. ultimate with a suggestion for a Constitutional modification that will reaffirm tribal sovereignty, Pommersheim demanding situations us to ultimately accord Indian tribes and Indian humans the dignity and dignity which are their due.

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