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International Relations

British Foreign and Imperial Policy, 1865-1919 (Questions by Graham Goodlad

By Graham Goodlad

British overseas and Imperial coverage explores Britains function in overseas Affairs from the age of Gladstone and Disraeli to the tip of the 1st international battle, exploring such topics as Britain's involvement within the Scramble for Africa, the Anglo-Boer battle, the overseas coverage of Lord Salisbury and the customers for Britain and the Empire on the finish of the 1st international warfare.

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By the 1880s India accounted for almost one-fifth of Britain’s total overseas investment. 14 Communications with India constituted ‘the spine of prosperity and security’ for the empire,15 and it is understandable that Britain should have gone to great lengths to protect them. Yet another valuable insight of Robinson and Gallagher is their successful demonstration of the limited role played by popular pressure within Britain. Certain moments of high imperial drama, such as the death of General Gordon at Khartoum in 1885, could engage the passions of public opinion.

3 The issue of dating is related to a deeper controversy between holders of opposing ideological positions. Early interpretations, by commentators sympathetic to the British side, saw the Boers as an obstructive force in the path of the imperial power’s ‘civilising mission’. 4 A glance at the index of Cecil Headlam’s carefully selected edition of Milner’s papers reveals this kind of bias. 5 Among those who favour explanations based upon the role of impersonal forces, the most influential have been advocates of an economic interpretation.

40 LATE VICTORIAN OVERSEAS EXPANSION Questions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Using Source A and your own knowledge, explain the importance attached by its author to ‘Our alternative route by the Cape to India’. [4] Explain the references to ‘the highest jingo tune’ (Source B) and ‘an English Company’ (Source C). [4] What do the language and tone of Sources B and C reveal about the outlook of their respective authors? [6] How reliable is Source B as evidence of British government attitudes towards imperial expansion in Africa in the 1890s?

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