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Britain, Detente and Changing East-West Relations by Brian White

By Brian White

There is little systematic research on hand of Britain's contribution to East-West kinfolk on account that 1945, and specifically of Britain's contribution to East-West detente. as a rule, British makes an attempt to behave as mediator among East and West were considered as ineffectual, and a slightly determined try and turn out that Britain may nonetheless wield effect at the global stage.

In this new contribution to the research of the evolution of post-war diplomacy, Brian White argues that Britain's contribution to detente can't so simply be pushed aside. via narrative and research, he examines the power subject matter of Britain's makes an attempt to lead East-West kin in a co-operative course. In doing so, he has supplied either an incredible revaluation of Britain's position within the post-war international and a useful case examine in international coverage formation and execution.

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He concludes that ‘certain basic factors making for conflict between the superpowers have continuously asserted themselves to impose limits on the extent to which a relaxation of tension can change the relationship’ (Stevenson, 1985, p. 202). Thus, détente has ‘proved to be a limited process with limited potential’. Nevertheless, détente is identified as a process in the sense that ‘the legacy of détente has been cumulative in US-Soviet relations’. While progress has not been linear or cyclical, Stevenson argues that each period of détente has built upon the legacy of the previous period.

The idea appeals to me of a supreme effort to bridge the gulf between the two worlds, 42 Britain, détente and changing East–West relations so that each can live their life, if not in friendship, at least without the hatreds and manoeuvres of the cold war…. It is not easy to see how things could be worsened by a parley at the summit if such a thing were possible (Carlyle, 1953, p. 50). This speech was a direct response to a press conference given by Dean Acheson on 8 February, in which he rejected the calls of some senators for a direct approach to Moscow and repeated his faith in the policy of building situations of strength (Calvocoressi, 1953, pp.

As implemented by the Americans, however, the policy of containment moved away from the original conception in important respects during the 1947–49 period. These policy changes produced friction in Anglo-American relations and can be seen with hindsight to reveal underlying differences of approach not only to East-West relations but also to international relations as a whole. It is necessary, therefore, to look at these changes in some detail. The rationale behind these policy changes in Washington was clearly set out in a planning document drafted by a small ad hoc committee of State and Defense Department officials chaired by Paul Nitze, Kennan’s successor as Director of Policy Planning at the State Department.

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