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Board Stiff (Xanth, Book 38) by Piers Anthony

By Piers Anthony

Be cautious what you would like for . . .

“I’m really a wise woman who might make any guy a superb spouse. yet no guy sees that. No guy is drawn to my brain or character, simply my whatevers. So here's my want: I’m board stiff. i would like experience, pleasure, and Romance.”

So starts off Piers Anthony’s thirty-eighth Xanth novel, within which inappropriate Kandy appears at her mirrored image within the water of the shallow good and sees luxuriant midnight-black hair attaining all the way down to her breathtakingly narrow waist, matching the darkish eyes in her wonderful face. A torso that comes on the subject of absolute perfection. She is man’s wish. that's a part of the matter. within the shallow magic of the good, she asks that her want be granted.

whatever occurs. A surprising whirlwind surrounds her, lifting her up and ripping off her garments. She is altering someway. Then she falls flat at the ground.

actually. She has been reworked right into a flat, stiff board with knotholes for eyes.

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Eugen and t he Five Hundred will attempt to foil h er p lan , an d she ma y ask th e party to help h er fend off th eir inte rfer enc e. But Sigurd has little faith in th e competenc e of any o ne else, understandable g iven the p eople sh e's known all her life, and ma y in stead try t o set th e p arty aga ins t Eugen wit ho ut revea ling t he ┬Ěreal reason. The party m ay be able t o track t he d isap p ear ed over the ice to th e Middle S ettlem ent. It is n ot a long jo u rney, a hard day 's walk wit h an earl y sta rt an d rapid p ace, bu t does go over so me very ro ug h t er rain.

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