Blood Challenge (World of the Lupi Book 7) by Eileen Wilks

By Eileen Wilks

Ex-cop Lily Yu and werewolf Rule Turner's engagement declaration is stirring up grotesque passions within the people First camp. there is hate mail, via loss of life threats. And whilst a lupus in Tennessee is going on a killing spree, Lily realizes that it is only the outlet skirmish in an all-out conflict.

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Midwest Book Review MORTAL SINS “Filled with drama and action . . ” —Fresh Fiction “Held me enthralled and kept me glued to my seat . . The characters and world are intriguing, and the solution to the murders is unusual and thought provoking . . Ms. ” —Errant Dreams Reviews “Fabulous . . The plot just sucked me in and didn’t let me go until the end . . ” —The Best Reviews “Intriguing . . Surprises abound in Blood Lines . . A masterful pen and sharp wit hone this third book in the Moon Children series into a work of art.

She’d had to clear her schedule to go with him. The others wanted it held in neutral territory, which had turned out to be St. Paul. “But if it doesn’t go well—if you bleed or something—” “We’re going to talk, not cry Challenge at each other. A. by Wednesday. The question is, will you? A. on his own. The mate bond had been giving them plenty of slack lately, but they couldn’t take the chance because the physical limit it imposed changed. Without warning. Without reason, from what Lily could see.

That was being challenged in court as a religiously biased criteria—which, of course, it was. Lily expected the criteria would change. She just hoped the congressional committee working on a new bill came up with something reasonable before the courts struck down the old law. Two of the other cases were both felony theft involving magic. So far, she was ringing up a big zero on both of them. The warehouse theft shouldn’t even be hers, she thought as she slathered on lotion with sunscreen. Magic had been used to gain access, sure, but otherwise it was a straightforward burglary.

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