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Blood Challenge (World of the Lupi Book 7) by Eileen Wilks

By Eileen Wilks

Ex-cop Lily Yu and werewolf Rule Turner's engagement statement is stirring up grotesque passions within the people First camp. there is hate mail, by means of demise threats. And while a lupus in Tennessee is going on a killing spree, Lily realizes that it is only the outlet skirmish in an all-out warfare.

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Ah . . ” She kept her mouth firm. ” “Four. But they’re—” “Not anything I need to worry about? ” He ran a hand through his hair. “Dammit, Lily, no matter how many people enjoy mouthing off, the number who will actually take on a big, bad werewolf is vanishingly small. You’re—” “A big, bad federal agent,” she finished, before he could say “small” or “a woman” or anything else that would get him in trouble. “Believe it or not, very few people want to take us on, either. ” For a long moment he just looked at her.

But the city liked to make up for a lack of rain this time of year by brewing up high humidity, especially in the mornings. The sweat her body had pumped out during her run had nowhere to go. She dragged her forearm across her face, smearing the wet around rather than getting rid of it, and scowled. Werewolfs Whore. That was spray painted in black across the hood of her government-issue Ford. The perp had forgotten the apostrophe, but he’d added a PS of sorts on the trunk: Fucking Bitch Traitor.

Harry was Dirty Harry, Lily’s cat. Though he and Rule had achieved détente—based mainly on Rule’s willingness to give him ham at regular intervals—Harry had never gotten beyond a sort of disdainful tolerance. He adored Toby. That made no sense. According to Rule, Toby didn’t smell of wolf yet, but scent wasn’t the only reason Harry didn’t like Rule, probably not even the main reason. Harry was not a friendly beast. He had to be sedated to go to the vet. He attacked the bodyguards whenever he got a chance.

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