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Black Holes: The Membrane Paradigm (INCOMPLETE) by K. S. Thorne, R. H. Price, D. A. MacDonald

By K. S. Thorne, R. H. Price, D. A. MacDonald

A pedagogical creation to the physics of black holes. The membrane paradigm represents the four-dimemnsional spacetime of the black hole's "event horizon" as a two-dimensional membrane in three-d area, permitting the reader to appreciate and compute the habit of black holes in advanced astrophysical environments.

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The activity of Hog1PP mediates the activity of Cdc28-Clb2 by: direct downregulation of CLB2 transcription; and also accumulation of Swe1. The protein kinase Swe1 38 3 ODE Model of the Cell Cycle Response to Osmotic Stress inhibits Cdc28-Clb2 by tyrosine phosphorylation of Cdc28. Consequently, presence of osmotic stress blocks the G2-to-M transition [17]. We consider the interaction of Clb2 with Swe1 and also Hog1PP in the model. The model for regulation of Cdc28-Clb2 consists of several parts: (i) The availability of Clb2 is transcriptionally controlled (as soon as Clb2 is synthesised, it binds to Cdc28.

Int. Sci. 3(1–2), 33–44 (2012) 40. E. Radmaneshfar, D. C. P Brown, C. C. Romano and M. Thiel. From START to FINISH: the influence of osmotic stress on the cell cycle. PLoS ONE 8(7), e68067 (2013) 41. E. Richardson, C. Wittenberg, F. I. Reed, An essential G1 function for cyclin-like proteins in yeast. Cell 59(6), 1127–1133 (1989) 42. E. Schwob, T. D. Mendenhall, K. Nasmyth, The B-type cyclin kinase inhibitor p40SIC1 controls the G1 to S transition in S. cerevisiae. Cell 79(2), 233–244 (1994) 43.

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