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Biological Effects of Dietary Restriction by R. Weindruch (auth.), Lawrence Fishbein PhD (eds.)

By R. Weindruch (auth.), Lawrence Fishbein PhD (eds.)

How does nutritional restrict impact the physiological and biochemical nation of laboratory animals? How will the current conclusions impact additional study? What are the consequences for human well-being and safeguard overview? those are the most questions requested during this publication by way of top overseas researchers. After a primary examine feeding regimens and diets of laboratory animals, the e-book elaborates on quite a few age-associated toxicological and pathological endpoints together with tumor improvement. the subsequent sections element the underlying mechanisms which could set off the wide spectrum of physiological and biochemical alterations. This precis of present multidisciplinary examine will increase realizing of the sensible functions and implications of nutritional restriction.

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Ralston Purina, St. Louis Rao GN, Knapka JJ (1987) Contaminant and nutrient concentrations of natural ingredient rat and mouse diet used in chemical toxicology studies. Fundam Appl Toxieol 9:329338 Shakman RA (1974) Nutritional influences on the toxicity of environmental pollutants. Arch Environ Health 28: 105-113 Tannenbaum A (1940) The initiation and growth of tumors. I. Affect of underfeeding. Am J Cancer 23: 803-807 Wattenberg LW (1972) Inhibition of carcinogenic and toxie effects of polycyclic hydrocarbons by phenolic antioxidants and ethoxyquin.

Other peptide and steroid hormone levels may also be affected. The estrogens, in particular 17B-estradiol and estrone, are known to promote mammary gland tumorigenesis in a variety of strains of rats and mice. Gropper and Shirnken (1967) found caloric restriction plus ovarectomy reduced the incidence of 3methylcholanthrene-induced mammary gland tumors more than caloric restriction alone. Moreover, treatments that increased circulating prolactin and estrogen levels in rats promoted the development of DMBA-induced mammary tumorigenesis despite food restriction (Sylvester et al.

1981). T. Allaben et al. 6. Effects of fat level and caloric restriction on DMBA-induced mammary tumors in rats (from Kritchevsky et al. 1986). 7% Corn oil 60 30 DMBA, 7, 12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene. Boissonneault el al. (1986) demonstrated that animals on high-fat restricted diets (consuming about 20% fewer calories) had a much lower incidence of DMBAinduced mammary gland tumors than animals on low-fat ad libitum diets. , an indirect-acting vs. a direct-acting carcinogen. 7). Experiments designed to alter body weights independent of caloric consumption have also been performed.

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