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Bible characters. / Adam to Achan by Alexander Whyte

By Alexander Whyte

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Let Moses and Milton and Butler be more read. But it is high time to turn to Paul, who is a far greater authority and commentator on Moses than Plato, or Behmen, or Milton, or Law. Now, Paul does not say very much about Eve, but what he does say has in it all his characteristic strength, straightforwardness, and evangelical consolation. Adam was the protoplast, says Paul to Timothy, quoting the expression from the Wisdom of Solomon. Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.

For, as long as they have Moses and Paul, the Book of Genesis and the Epistle to the Romans, they need envy no man. ’ Now, with these two little books of Moses and of Paul, and with another little epistle or two of Paul’s added, those who are otherwise quite unlettered men will soon become wiser men than many of their teachers. The most unlearned and ignorant man among us has sin in himself; and he has Christ, if not yet in himself also, then in his Bible, and thus in his offer; and with both sin and Christ in his heart, and with Paul on sin and on Christ in his hand, the most unlettered man is already a man of the truest and the deepest science, and a philosopher of the first water.

Abel had never seen a corpse, else Cain’s face that day was like nothing in the world so much as the face of one of our corpses in its coffin. Nor did Cain talk like his usual self that morning. He stammered as he talked. He talked about things he had never, that Abel remembered, talked about before. Were it not that perfect innocence is so blind and so deaf, Abel would have found opportunity and would have turned home again that fatal morning. And even had Abel asked what Cain bad against him that morning, Cain might have admitted fierce anger, or some other evil feeling at something or other, but he would never have admitted envy.

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