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International Relations

Beyond Confrontation: Transforming the New World Order by Charles Hauss

By Charles Hauss

This ebook offers disagreement because the key subject of the post-cold struggle global. It argues that the realm can be replaced dramatically for the higher if humans and governments have been to undertake a brand new state of mind and working with clash that takes us past war of words. The examples of warfare, foreign economics, environmental decay, and racial clash express that during ultra-modern interdependent global, the issues we are facing are interdependent too. The primary guiding principle is that it truly is normally extra pragmatic to behave cooperatively. most crucial, the publication indicates that cooperative challenge fixing isn't mere pie within the sky idealism.

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Environmental deterioration had put the earth into a kind of global intensive care. It was approaching the terrestrial version of the medical crisis discussed in Chapter 1 when the very life or death of the patient is determined. There is a lot of debate in the scientific community about just how serious the dangers are. Some think we are close to reaching what the Club of Rome called the “limits to growth” a generation ago (Meadows et al. 1972, 1992) and that we are causing such damage that the fabric of life and human civilization will be damaged forever.

Whatever their other differences, most authorities were convinced that although a substantial number of people would survive, civilization as we know it would be dealt a crippling and perhaps fatal blow. ” Survivors would face dreadful living conditions. There would be no electricity, running water, or modern medical services. They would have to cut down trees (without using chainsaws) to heat their homes, grow their own food, and care for their own illnesses. As Dr. ” The threat of what some experts euphemistically called a major nuclear “exchange” has all but disappeared for now with the end of the Cold War.

Still, there had never been a time when all major powers were concerned about what happened virtually everywhere in the world, even during the two conflicts we mistakenly label world wars. Now, with frightening speed and devastation, war could touch the entire planet. ” Gaddis and other realists are no doubt right in arguing that deterrence and American foreign policy in general had a lot to do with keeping the superpowers and their allies from taking up arms against each other. That doesn’t mean that the world was free of war during those years.

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